Updates (May 5, 2024)

Life: I always still forget this, people who forget the big picture in depth and personal – The people that criticize me are people who don’t seem to understand the wider picture of living in the Western world. I have to go back to my home and just do my own thing waiting for them to stay in Canada for 20+ years until they understand what I am experiencing first hand. It is all about the 1000s of perspectives you must learn from and experience. Am I missing any perspectives? No need to argue and teach because it requires years and years of experience and living here in Canada.

Work: Web development is bigger than anything else I have come into contact with – When the work and activity is bigger than you and bigger than the daily interactions you meet everyday, you have met your match. I think in the modern world, you have to face problems like this to see how big and how small you are. The mental activity is overwhelming in a good way. With 8 years of coding, I realized things are manageable as long as you have that background history and experience. You are no longer complaining and whining about how unfair the world is once you attack web development. You met your match. It is bigger than schools and bigger than companies. The problems you face are universal and can be learnt from your home computer. You have met your match. You are “silent” now after doing web development. You really can’t be bothered no more once you understand and work in the scope of web development. Especially when trying to put together all the old and new technologies facing the world.