Welcome to FirstGenProgrammer.com! (Domain names: RefugeeProgrammer.com and ImmigrantProgrammer.com redirect here.)

I hope you have a good time here on this site and learn lots. We are still under construction!

Purpose of this site:

Before giving the reason for creating this website, I feel I need to talk a bit about myself.

My name is David Nguyen. I am a Vietnamese-Canadian. I was born in Canada by Boat People refugees from the Vietnam War (First Generation Canadian) and am very fortunate to have what I have. I am almost done school for computer programming and have accomplished things that I always have dreamed about. 

The next step for me I think is to reach out to help others obtain their goals. I intend to become a teacher. I decided to found a website to help refugees, immigrants and first generation Canadians learn from me and others to gain experience, work and education in their new adoptive countries.

I believe my status as a first generation Canadian has an affect on my life.

I hope this endeavor will enable mentorship, connection, data collection and political advocacy for users of the site. I guess first generation, refugees and immigrants will be the main users. The resources here I hope will motivate and inspire them to work in tech.

Different backgrounds can offer different solutions to solve world problems. Different backgrounds can offer depth and breadth in everyday life.