I accomplished what I set out to do in the world and I did what I wanted to do with this blog.

I hope this blog added value, insight and advice for people looking at doing what I am doing.

I will keep this blog alive and edit it time-to-time to keep it fresh, engaging and easy to understand as I go on.

Thanks for visiting and reading! I hope I helped someone out there!

I am very fortunate to have what I have. I am returning what I have learned back into this world.


David (Phong) Tan Nguyen


As I go through life, I realized 2 things after finding my peace (my own way of life philosophy):

My Life Philosophy: I try to put my mind in an abstract state. Constant “computing” enables this. This activity puts me in a happy state of mind. I found “the activity” that makes me happy. This is beyond just practical and beyond money. At my age, this keeps me busy and active enough to be healthy and not worry about superficial things and things I can not control.

David (Phong) Tan Nguyen
  1. I think you can do more and plus strengthen your thinking and do more work. Do thinking work???
  2. You can help others find their peace (help find out what they are good at and work on their unique niche) and become a mentor/tutor/teacher to them.

I am exercising. I found more life through exercising regularly after finding my peace.

Exercise and time off to reflect, my mind became solid.

The interactions I have everyday with good friends who support me enabled me to move past my past struggles.

Well through tons of exercise and not driving around by bus or car helped me think so positive that I feel free.

Health is so important but I got my health by obtaining the skill that truly mattered to me which is programming.

I hope everyone gets the chance to pursue their unique skill and become strong and healthy. Strong mind, strong body.

Purpose and Work

I saw this clip and it all made sense:

Men who have strong boundaries have found purpose and found work. The reason we don’t have boundaries is because we don’t have purpose.

Reality Sean Jackson

My purpose I found is to continue developing something fun. Create something fun. That is my purpose. That is my life’s purpose.

Website is the least I can do

Building this website is the least I can do.

It is the smallest big thing to voice concerns that I have.