Updates (May 14, 2024)

Life: Growth to work in Canada – I had to mature and learn other things about life rather than general socializing and comparing and go deep and away. I socialized with more and more Vietnamese-Canadians and realized it is more about making a life for yourself in Canada. It is about work and doing really deep things. You can live and work in the general sense but life has to more. It is about doing the best jobs, being disciplined and also having your own enjoyment with people on your frequency. This requires years and years of exploring your interests and hobbies to create something new and fresh to keep you entertained and interested while you grow up doing great things. My Vietnamese-Canadian friends showed me this. I explored my passions first and it grew me. After exploring my passions, I socialized with Vietnamese-Canadians wanting to see what they feel and think. Then I collaborated with Vietnamese-Canadians to grow more and now have a deep, unique life. The problem with some people and young people is that they just study and work. They just amass knowledge, tons of knowledge to compete for jobs. As a Vietnamese born in Canada, I always knew you had to be unique and different and do your own thing taking your sweet time to enjoy it too. You have to be your own person. You have to develop to be independent and have your own opinion. And the people who criticize you are probably not independent thinkers yet. You are not supposed to criticize but build up people to see the wide landscape. At old age you have to expand and grow and have the largest angle possible. No pettiness and help people to see it that way. I am basically half dead now at my age. I need to grow and grow and mature and mature and live a nice comfortable easy life but disciplined and hard working here in Canada.

Culture: Yes, they did not “let me cook” – The naysayers in my life did not “let me cook”. Does everybody get old? Does everybody relax? Does everybody do their own thing? Do the naysayers understand life? Everyone does what they want at the end. And there must be growth and change. Did the naysayers really understand, understand what is going on in their mind and the world and in life? Anyways, I am in my groups now and finally became my own person. It was pretty crappy growing up but I am pretty complete person now. Finally my Vietnamese-Canadian (Vietnamese born in Canada) friends helped me grow up and mature to be who I am now.

Work: It was all engineering and web development to build strong mind and complete mind – First I had to understand engineering generally. That is basically software development. Basic building blocks and limits. But that was not enough. To go the extra 10 miles you need to satisfy the other part of the mind which is creative arts and to please your client in developing something like web development/design. Start from the bottom and learn all the steps and pieces to build the mind up from nothing. Also tons of discipline.