Updates (May 11, 2024)

Health: Trying to lose weight and fast – I lost some weight and can manage my health finally after working web development. I stay curious and child-like to be amazed at the wonder which is coding and artistic web design, using my entire brain both left and right. That is all you can do out here in Canada. Stay child-like wonder of coding and design. Outside in life and getting old is totally crap. Most people don’t understand the mindset and world you are in when doing web development. That is the only great place for me to live in. Going outside is practically worthless unless grabbing a coffee and getting Vitamin D from the sunlight. I learned a lot from my Vietnamese-Canadian friends. There are other Vietnamese-Canadians in high places which teach me how to go about life here in Canada. Just accept the hard work is normal because the goal is to have Vietnamese-Canadian lifestyle to be realistic and healthy and smart and wise and skilled with uniqueness too. One day is to get married to a Vietnamese woman born in Canada. They have boundaries and realistic expectations. They understand the human need to experiment and passion that drives people healthy and happy here in Canada. Also they understand individualism. How else am I going to feel good and be healthy? You should be able to explore your entire life here in Canada with a Vietnamese-Canadian woman without any problems or pressure and live long as you have the same upbringing. The most relieving thing is to stay child-like in wonder doing web development and ignore the outside growing old and the angry world.

Life: What is ego and independence and entrepreneurship when you have a friend like Ben Cybulski? – I finally have learned to socialize. I found my people and they were technical and not emotional and not cultural. I guess that is how I roll and I never really understood that I had to work and befriend people who were not emotionally charged. Anyways, when you have a friend like Ben Cybulski who makes sense of everything in life and teaches you the universe and allows for growth including himself to grow too, how exactly do you live life? I should have known this before. There are lots of cultures out there that say education and social job status and race means everything. But then there is Ben Cybulski that teaches you to grow and rise above the silly undermining mind control games. I guess people like Ben Cybulski are the movers and shakers of the world really promoting good.