This is my experience trying to do computer programming. I wanted to program since I was in grade 7 at 12 years old. I finally finished a 2-year Computer Programming diploma at my local hometown college (April 2023) Durham College. I naturally only like programming 40% of the time so these writings are like progression storyline of me trying (struggling) to get this skill and use it.

This page will host information about what I know about programming so far.

I hope by explaining my journey back into trying to program when I am old will help others try to get into this field for work and to satisfy their passion.

NEW: FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Programming


In the next section I will discuss the roadblocks I encountered:

  1. Family that do not understand
  2. Negative people
  3. Negative personality
  4. Helping others
  5. Current personality
  6. Backup
  7. Fun personality
  8. Living for others
  9. Imposter Syndrome
  10. Born in Canada

Questions that I have:

  1. Future employment
  2. Future education
  3. Future growth


  1. Beginning programming
  2. Advanced programming
  3. Just programming
  4. Beyond programming
  5. Programming goals
  6. Programming limits
  7. Freedom in programming
  8. More programming goals
  9. Focus
  10. Final
  11. Dilemma
  12. Final Focus
  13. Logically Mature
  14. Full Circle to Completion
  15. Consistency
  16. Depth
  17. Older “Computers”
  18. Changed Ways
  19. Layers, Communication, Complexity
  20. Professional Growth
  21. Differentiation
  22. Software Engineer Dream
  23. Reward Effect
  24. Improved Health
  25. One perspective
  26. Programming is control
  27. Forefront
  28. Differentiation Part 2
  29. In the moment
  30. Focus on your craft
  31. 3 types of design
  32. Uniqueness in programming style
  33. Doing your own thing
  34. Space for control
  35. The first steps into developing your own software
  36. Levels
  37. Published
  38. You should learn programming to see and understand the power of creation
  39. Programming more and more looks bleak?