Updates (May 4, 2024)

Life: Work is just about web development at the end – Actually doing web development now, it seems like that is all that there is. I knew this when I was in high school. You are putting together all the information online. Everything for your customers and future customers. You need to have the background and future insight into making it work. Yeah it is hard, tiresome and worrisome. You got to make it right and work. It looks bleak. Bleak in a way that this job was always there for the last 20+ years. Only the best, controlled and disciplined could take it upon themselves to make web development to showcase the world. For now I think it makes life like ‘Hmmm …”. Like you reached a point where you are done. Done understanding the world. You are using all the latest technologies and customizing it in every which way for your client to have the biggest impact possible, hopefully. You reached the end of the line do this “work”. Hmmm …

Life: I did personal software development to be humanized – It is OK to work to the max. But having your own drive to develop your own things is what makes people “tick”. That is what sets each person apart really.