I have been vegan for a while now and have been stable.

But I have been reluctant to create more stuff after doing what I wanted.

I feel unexcited to do more.

I am doing my passions but it is getting to a point where I am not feeling it any more.

Hmmm … I think I need to rest and reflect.

I think I am reaching a point where I am doing what I love. And I have been doing it for so long that now I don’t hate it but just do it. Bear it. Bear the stress of my work.

We all have a personality. We can or can not be so critical and analytical. We must be ourselves.

I think I need something different too now.

Found the solution … I ate some eggs and feel a bit better.

Being mostly vegan for the past two weeks has made me the way I was above I think.

I was doing not much. I was just able to do school work and pretty much nothing else.

Now I understand the vegan diet.

Eating meat made me angry and have ups and downs. I was doing more when I was eating meat.

I have gained weight … which isn’t good while eating vegetarian/vegan.

I will try eggs and milk and be vegetarian now I think.

Mental Health

I have always been trying to be mindful.

At my age, that is all I have.

I understand that I am older and must do things to change certain things about my living situation.

Being mindful has been helpful for my health and my study and work.

What else is there than to be mindful? If you don’t it is just plain misery.

Old Age

I realize I am out of my comfort zone and now have this blog to explore a new lifestyle of a computer programmer to just think abstractly building software programs to fine-tune/tweak computers which is a really fun activity for me. ‘Tweaking’ computers doesn’t involve people, culture or race. It is pure objective bliss. Nothing else comes close to this fun.

To live a complete new lifestyle is challenging and is an out of body experience.

I am just a computer technician at my core and am now “growing old” wanting to think differently because I have some white hairs and wrinkles now. I look and feel old. I try to avoid thinking old and did computer programming to stop the old aging thinking processes.

Computer programming is a dream of mine to do too but I only like it 40%. Having 40% interest is good enough to do it I think. Any lower interest I would not bother.

I had only 30% interest in my biology and biochemistry degree so that is why I stopped doing it.

I can have more joy doing what I am doing right now which I crave.

Mental Health (Part 2)

It took me many years to reach my goals in life.

I know I am just a computer technician but I had this urge to do more.

I found the right teachers later in life to help me.

I had all this trouble before because I could not find the way to my goals.

I learned I must do the following to reach my goals.

  • Keep thinking more and more abstractly as this will help in lower parts of your life (Learning computer programming helps in all aspects of life. Programming helps you to think logically in small manageable parts)
  • You can live outside socially daily but the most singular growth that is not contained is working on the computer with zero obstacles
  • You can look at philosophy and psychology for answers but the ultimate answer is having unlimited options (Kind of like creating a Windows Debloater with almost unlimited combination of tweaks)
  • When you get ‘contained’ just work in the fields that don’t contain you. You don’t need people standing in your way.

You get to this realization from being not contained and working with your same type of people that match you. My people are Computer people and Vietnamese people. They helped me flourish otherwise I would have been stuck forever.

No one helped me reach my goals until I started finding the right people to work with.


Everything is solved by exercise.

I am done studying now basically.

During the pandemic, I gained a lot of weight. Now I trying to lose it all.

I never really focused on health until now. With lots of exercise, I feel content, stronger and not negative. I feel I can do more things.

That is why people do sports and the Westernized world is so sport focused.

Exercise is the key.

People who don’t exercise regularly maybe negative and set in their ways …

I must focus on exercise.

I lost many years of life thinking negative because I did not exercise regularly and vigorously.

At Your Worse

When I am not exercising enough, not eating right and am drinking coffee, I kind of stagnant and think negative.

I think you have to accept that part too.

When you are at your worse you show that negative side of you which is real. But that can change through action (work, talking to friends and exercise).

Lazy Period

I had time to reflect in my life. I had time to think.

I was always trying to remove all my vices and become a better me.

I took the time to just be lazy, eat and drink coffee recently.

That turned bad.

If I did not do that I wouldn’t realize how bad it was and wouldn’t have a new perspective about life.

I realize life is to constantly move and do the things that matter to you and understand that stopping will be the death of you.

You have to: Increase awareness. Increase well being. Increase mindfulness.

The goal is to think of goals and ideas that are bigger than you that really matter to you. Think “abstractly”.