Updates (April 19, 2024)

Culture: Now I understand Vietnamese-Canadians – Finally after decades, I understand Vietnamese-Canadians. Took me 3 years of socializing to understand the dynamics of Vietnamese born in Canada. Finally, I am OK. I finally feel the part of my brain comfortable and feeling at home solid and at ease. I feel intact now. I have to socialize a lot and continually socialize with other Vietnamese-Canadians.

Life: At the end of the day, it is deeper meaning beyond people here in Canada – I have been socializing since 2021. In March of 2021, I joined Discord servers of like minded people: Vietnamese in Canadian universities (VSAs). I spilt my heart out talking about my struggles. Now I am OK. After socializing for a bit, I realize life is beyond people. I think really Canadian focusing on far out things. Basically, I think about liberal things. My friends also think this way too. I guess everything is alright now. Living in safe Canada, I can educate and think of these things to grow, relax, ponder and do. For Vietnamese-Canadians like me, it is a mix of personal pursuit and friendship with other Vietnamese-Canadians pushing to the limits of the world. Thinking external is the way to think good, universal and nice.

Life: I needed someone to pass on their wisdom to me – That was my problem in life. I have my friends.