I recently applied to become a high school teacher.

I am so lucky and very thankful to be able to apply.

It has made me think a lot. I am stressed about working in public. I get a lot of negative thoughts about doing other things that I don’t like to do.

I enjoy working alone and with my friends. But, I think teaching is the next stage in my mature development.

Afterwards, I hope to do other things from this.

My Experience in Teaching

I want to be a high school teacher for the government. I want to teach basic computer science and want the summer off. I wanted this since I was in grade 10/11.

When I was teaching English in Vietnam, I was overjoyed and shocked on what I experienced.

I met teachers who we so dedicated in teaching. They were truly teachers. They spent the time to individually cater for each and every student to do their best. There was a goal and that goal was world class.

But teaching English was out of my comfort zone back in 2016.

When people meet me in person, I am pretty social and can talk about quite a lot of things. But my natural personality is an introvert like when I was a child.

As a child I spent a lot of time alone on the computer or gaming console and ate a lot of junk food. I also watched a lot of TV.

Changing my mindset to be extroverted is so difficult if I want to teach a subject like English.

But I think I can talk about computers as it is a subject I am interested in.

UPDATE on Teacher’s College Application

I applied for Fall 2022 and got rejected at Ontario Tech University (UOIT).

This made me think what it takes to apply to GTA region Teacher’s Colleges.

Previously in 2019, I applied to further out schools and got in but did not go … because I was not ready.

It looks like GTA ones are very, very competitive. My low marks from university years ago is a no go.

I think no amount of upgrading my old university marks will get me in the GTA schools.

I need a teaching degree … I want to travel and explore the world. Staying home all the time working in front of the computer is not healthy.

My Teaching Philosophy

During the COVID pandemic, I had the opportunity to go back to school and do computer programming.

I am so grateful to be able to do it and finish.

What I learned is to be alone and let your creativity takeover. Allow yourself to make mistakes and allow yourself to experiment. Make multiple attempts at trying to see what works in the market but still create stuff that matters to you. Collaborate with people who you find interesting and are compatible with.

Teaching at Higher Levels

After everything, I am tired.

Is there a life where you can grow in you own interests and help others?

When you get so mature, you get to work with other adults who work together to teach the future generations?

Can I sit back and just teach and let everything go?

I think I am very tired now. I think teaching is something at my age.

There is possibly like 10% of things I like to explore more but I don’t really think it is worth it now.

I will try something else. I must because I reached this point where life has changed to do some other work.

Life is an education. Now I must try different venues to teach and get out there and also enjoy and relax a bit.

I must explore for myself and care for myself. I am not going to race the rat race no more.

Limit Reached

I think I reached my limit in doing things. I mean the things my friends and I create are pretty out there.

I just now slowly update the products.

Yeah I am pretty much done.

Now onto helping the next generation learn what I know now. I am pretty much done. My cup is 90% full.