I recently applied to become a high school teacher.

I am so lucky and very thankful to be able to apply.

It has made me think a lot. I am stressed about working in public. I get a lot of negative thoughts about doing other things that I don’t like to do.

I enjoy working alone and with my friends. But, I think teaching is the next stage in my mature development.

Afterwards, I hope to do other things from this.

My Experience in Teaching

I want to be a high school teacher for the government. I want to teach basic computer science and want the summer off. I wanted this since I was in grade 10/11.

When I was teaching English in Vietnam, I was overjoyed and shocked on what I experienced.

I met teachers who we so dedicated in teaching. They were truly teachers. They spent the time to individually cater for each and every student to do their best. There was a goal and that goal was world class.

But teaching English was out of my comfort zone back in 2016.

When people meet me in person, I am pretty social and can talk about quite a lot of things. But my natural personality is an introvert like when I was a child.

As a child I spent a lot of time alone on the computer or gaming console and ate a lot of junk food. I also watched a lot of TV.

Changing my mindset to be extroverted is so difficult if I want to teach a subject like English.

But I think I can talk about computers as it is a subject I am interested in.

UPDATE on Teacher’s College Application

I applied for Fall 2022 and got rejected at Ontario Tech University (UOIT).

This made me think what it takes to apply to GTA region Teacher’s Colleges.

Previously in 2019, I applied to further out schools and got in but did not go … because I was not ready.

It looks like GTA ones are very, very competitive. My low marks from university years ago is a no go.

I think no amount of upgrading my old uni marks will get me in the GTA schools.

I need a teaching degree … I want to travel and explore the world. Staying home all the time working in front of the computer is not healthy.