I have the following passions: computers, art and programming.

I figured how this translates to work in the real world.

I have been doing what I like.

I am doing Tech Journalism, Software Development and Tutoring/Teaching.

These are the things I can do.

Tech Journalism

Writing is based on my experiences of being a tweaker, modder, and “being cheap” viewpoints.

Software Development

I just create what I like. I produce software to tweak and customize for computer technicians and IT administrators. I do not think I can work for a company developing for them and can not do freelance.


I have been tutoring and teaching for a while. I rather tutor rather than teach. I don’t really see myself in front of a classroom full with students yet as I am not confident. I am actually tutoring friends right now and it is great. I think I would like to open my own tutoring center one day as my bread and butter.

I think I have found my occupations in life now.

Working when you are older

You can go out there and compete for the same job or destress and do your own thing. I am too old to compete. I am doing my own thing without the barrage of every single interaction. Whatever happens happens. Regardless, I think I will be OK. I think I worked outside long enough that I should not try to build myself up to be ‘someone’ different/more??? Do I need to change? I think you can not …

Why Computer Work?

Why work in fields that are more subjective with biases and cultural stereotypes?

I found studying and working in computers the least amount of subjectivity.

Yes, I like computers a lot and I am doing what I want but the topic of tweaking and modding does not have much subjectiveness at all I feel.

And tweaking and modding is just fun.

Life should be fun. Everything should be fun.

I am not going to work in a field/topic that has subjectiveness involving race or culture.

So computers is where I will stay and luckily I like it too.


The things I create with my friends are basically not for profit.

How to make money while doing our passions? I got to think some more.

Working for a company will definitely change my ways ….

Education and Application for me

Most people say education is key in life and we never stop learning. What is education? Is it just amassing knowledge? What do you do with all this learning? How do you apply it? Is it about power? Is it cultural? Is it health? Is it business? Is it practical? Is it streamlined? Is it automation? Is it artificial intelligence? I think the answer is you just do what you feel like. Do your interests. Keep doing what you like. Even your interests may change over time as you get older so you just continue to learn and do. Circumstances may change.

I would like to try to live as a developer and do things to gain new experiences and in turn create software solutions. I like to try to create solutions that is different and reflects me. I create with my friends. Having a optimistic, forward and progressive team was the key component in what I am doing now.

An example of reflection of me is the current Windows 10 Debloater design. It shows the PowerShell script to allow for transparency and teaches scripting.

I struggled all my life with programming and education and finding mentors and teachers to help me. I still struggle. I thought it would be nice to create a tool that taught scripting to help people learn “logic” while being a fun tool in itself to customize and modify Windows. Learning scripting/programming is helpful for everyone as it teaches you how to think and process more logically. By thinking logically you might be able to solve more problems including problems with yourself. Learning programming eased most of my impulsive behavior. Thinking logically can ease emotions.

Also I do this type of software development to escape reality. By working solely in the mind you forget the physical. The physical world reality feels limiting and classist.

There is always a reason for doing the things we do. It could be from simple enjoyment or even suffering. We all suffer in some form. It could be multiple different reasons.

I try to enable others where I have been hurt and mistreated before as I don’t want others to suffer what I endured.

It is a hard tough competitive world out there. We can all try to work together thinking as a team as mature people.

We may reach a level where we see things objectively and just do the things we want.

I am fortunate to work with very altruistic friends bringing me into their world and share a common goal.

Work and Hobby

Doing school assignments is kind of like work? Yes and no … mostly no

I tried working as web developer for a couple of places and found it difficult. Difficult because it was more designing than backend coding.

The employers I was encountering had a vision and level that was so unique and hard to reach for me. When it is so subjective like this I am lost.

I just want a to design a site like every other major company with a different coat of paint and unique logo. That is it! LOL

I think it is best for me to tutor for a living in tutoring centers and/or online so I have time for myself to be healthy and well doing the things I want and need.


The purpose of life is work. Work to a point where you can be your own boss.

Serve and Help

I like serving. It helps me.

I saw this reel and I finally understand the way I act and do things:

The act of serving has given me happiness and makes me satisfied.

I do get something in return too. So it is not selfless.

I gain knowledge and skills and accomplish things alongside the people I help and serve.

People used to dislike me how cooperative and helpful I was.

I realized just now this behaviour is healthy and makes me happy in my perspective.


It is hard to work to do everything alone. I get stressed and lonely and feel despair.

Luckily I have my friends Ben Cybulski and Dmitry Nefedov to brighten my day.

This brotherhood has given me friendship and goals.

We work produce pretty cool software I think and have fun doing it.

Without these guys I would be stressed all day thinking pretty bleak and gloomy.

I wonder now after finishing school how can I work now to produce money in programming.


Life gets to a point where you are looking just to do what you want in what time you have left on this planet.

You understand what you like to do everyday. You like to spend time alone. Like to spend time alone doing what you like.

This feeling and understanding is after working a ton with people in all sorts of environments.

I need to make enough money to be calm, collected and free to do what I want. Everyone needs this.

It is not selfish or excessive. Everyone needs peace of mind and a sanctuary.

Backup Plan B

Is it ok to have a Backup Plan B?

At my age of 39 years old I think you can do something on the side.

I write this blog which is helpful for me. I get to talk from my perspective as a Vietnamese-Canadian growing up in Durham Region in Ontario in Canada.

Life gets different when you get older. After finishing first school in 2008, I was lost. But after finishing my diploma in computer programming this year in 2023 now I have something because math is everything. Computer Programming is the way to handle information/data.

When I studied life sciences nothing felt concrete.

Programming helped to make things all make sense or at least processed into a computer.

You are not dealing with just memorization or just emotions no more. You got numbers to build and back things up.

Anyways for work, I plan to talk about myself on my journey with this blog. I think my perspective will be interesting for other Vietnamese-Canadians wishing to further educate themselves and work in Canada.

This is life now. How to work now.

How do you live life in the 21st century?

Stay tuned.

Working with People

It is great to work with people. But how about working alone too?

I think at this point in my life I am supposed to have a solid opinion in something I believe in.

That way I succeed in something.

I think you can do good having something to call your own.

There are 8 billion people on this planet. People should/could be different. Different enough to be something different.

So far I have been doing shared goals with my group and haven’t been doing much stuff on my own.

My world is small if I am alone. But I am not feeling myself working in groups.

I think I need the time to just do things on my own so I can grow and become whole like a unique person instead of being a blanket covering a bunch of interests and things.

Let’s take time to do what I truly want and fulfill my needs and goals.

How else can I do work if I just doing little of this and a little of that? Must have some redeeming quality worth hiring.

It is just Work

The only thing that feels worthwhile these days is just working on school (a bit) and doing “work”.

A man is supposed to be defined by his work I heard.

I guess that is mostly what I should concentrate on these days as I have almost found my new grove.

My new grove is to be independent as possible doing my own stuff now.

Life is about Work

After finishing school, I realized life is just about work.

It has been a long time to realize that I needed computer programming to do the work I want and need.

After Everything

There is a job that I fit: Sales …

After “working”, maybe there is more to life.

The last sales job I had was working at selling cell phones.

I worked it for 5 months full time.

What I learned to was to be open and serve completely. There is nothing wrong serving people. It is a nice thing to do without feeling bad.

I learned to be disciplined serving for 8-10 hours a day on my feet.

But after 5 months working, I thought there was more to life and went back to school and did all sort of things.

I went through the entire job market. Now it looks like I still fit in the “serving jobs” in society. That is the job type only available to me without any conflict. Just serve and be nice.

But working with my friends taught me growth and that there was probably more to life.

My friends solved the problem of stagnation and social conformity I think. My friends and brother are Ben Cybulski, Dmitry Nefedov and William (Duy) Nguyen.

If people had friends or family like these, would our sadness and bad health disappear and we would stay younger longer? Is it all in the mind to just grow, see afar, experience all things, gain knowledge and to create and do better? Do stuff with no limits?

We work on computer software solutions (tools) and gaming tweaking solutions. What else is “that fun” and “out there”?

After working with my friends and brother, can I just give it up?

Done with People

I worked many jobs. I dealt with a good number of people. I believe I did enough school. I tried socializing more in my culture. I socialized with people my same age group in my culture and realized this.

Life gets to the point when you have hit the next level and the rest is socializing trying to meet people and get some grounding in understanding. It is the time to meet people stage after doing what I want and maxing out on my own.

But then you realize after it is what you make of it. This is because at my age, the same people my age have found their groove and their calling. They are so different in experiences and set in their ways. Now you either learn from them or do your own thing.

Dealing with people is just messy. You can get them offended or you can get offended. You can also get lost in the interactions.

People from my same culture and my age are working and doing things that are maybe in companies and institutions out in society. There seems to be a set way of doing things and set goals and achievements.

I have had my share of society’s set standards and ways.

So it is now how you want to feel and do. It is up to you how you think and decide. Ever changing and growing from experiences.

The classism and systemic system in society becomes something you don’t have to really think about no more. It is how you ‘float’ in your mind that determines how well you are and how you feel.

I learned this from socializing and working with my peers in my same culture on Overseas Vietnamese.

You can either be the same or be a single unique identity determined by you.

Big Companies

After socializing on Overseas Vietnamese, I realize people working there have a ‘company purpose’.

They are driving change and have a mission.

It is like they are trying to change the world.

Tools and Utilities

I guess trying to work without ‘biases’, I try create computer tools and utilities.

It has to be useful

Does work have to be useful and purposeful?

Or are we here struggling to just make money for retirement? Money for that nice restaurant meal and vacation in the Bahamas? Are we trying to impress?

To do the things I am doing needs full purpose and intent: creating software utilities and tools.

I must feel like I am useful or there is nothing.

Can you really do a ‘job’ for the majority of the time and create stuff that you like on the side?

Can you combine them?

Split it 80:20?

Need to pay the bills first?

Limits of Work and Interests

There is solving practical solutions.

There is work.

There are interests.

Are there limits to any of these?

When do you call it enough and just “work”?

Work to have a family, work to have a job, work to have a stable routine?

I think I hit my limit now and will just work a stable staple job.

If I have a stable staple job, will I have time to enjoy and do other things?

Are there normal things to have and expect?

Is there more to this than the normal everyday things that a person wants, likes and enjoys?

I see incredible people wanting to innovate and help others live a futuristic and a better life?

Those people seem to be doctors and scientists working at the bleeding edge of technology and enhancement.

Can I call it quits and just live now?

I want to experience life for myself now. My own life where I do and think for myself and enjoy what I can.

Can you really do what this guy does

Do you need to do this?

All roads lead to this I think.

People like Stefan Trost

You have to be Stefan Trost of

I do not love of programming. I still like it 40% of the time.

I should have taken the time in my life to aspire to be someone like him and not rush. There is no sense in rushing.

He is able to self-advertise his skills. He creates lots of freeware software solutions to bring customers into his wide range of services spanning web services to custom software. That is truly genius.

As a man, seeing his dedication to honing his crafts is jaw-dropping. I still can’t believe he has that much skill. Really cool and something to look up too.

As a middle-aged man who can not turn back the time no more, this is what life is about. Honing a skill. But in Stefan’s case, lots of skills.

There is a speech from Jeff Bezos saying you should work on a skill.

After finishing school, I am idle. My natural skill is diagnosing and building computers which I like 50% of the time doing.

Also after finishing school, the conversations I am having have become very flat. I am not talking to enough people to talk really in depth beyond the face superficial value.

Things like race, culture, religion, politics come into play which is senseless almost. Pretty useless at my age to solely focus on these. I have to focus on improving my skills. Isn’t that all that is good?

If I keep idle, I become angry and sick. There is not enough to keep me happy and get good feelings by myself.

I don’t think I have enough to stay happy.

Anyways, I am getting older and must find ways to keep me occupied.

Sometimes I feel I need to rush. Now I realize I must change my mind to enjoy the journey and keep busy enough.

I am lucky to live in Canada.

Thank you CANADA!

Real Work

I guess I can work now.

I need sometime to understand something normal.

It is either working with my friends always looking OR work a normal job.

Wish me luck!

What I have to do to feel better

It would be nice not working for someone and doing your own thing.

It is becoming to a point where self-sufficiency is the overall goal of life.

No one is going to help me really.

Do I expect to go to work for someone else and get the stability and support? I don’t know.

Life becomes …

Just work your way

I am trying a new job.

Will working it help me?

Is it really about me now?

I need to work and start a family now. It is no longer about me? It is about my future family … and society?

I am pretty sure there is only 1-2 perspectives when you get old … Programming: One perspective

I am pretty sure as long as you concentrate on your hobbies and goals things will work out healthy and good.

It is coming to a point where doing your hobbies and passions is the only thing that you hope will pay out financially or else working 9-5 is the right way?

I guess I got to get the experience first at this new job and see if it works out.

Mature Work

I live in Canada.

I am grateful to have this opportunity to do the things I have done so far here in Canada.

As a old man, I must work maturely.

It seems nonsense not to. Working maturely is good for ego and health.

Also I feel I have to document ways to make a living doing this in this blog to share with others and journal for myself.

I need to brainstorm more. Hopefully things work out.

Trying to do new things. At my age this is what it is. I am done working 9-5 I think.

At my old age and being a Vietnamese man, growing older at this life stage and beyond is new. It is tiring and kind of fun trying to do new things. Trying to get outside the box.

Like I said before, I am the first generation of Vietnamese after the Vietnam War trying to do my passion/my niche.

It is a privilege to be able to do this in Canada.

Thank you CANADA!

Quiet Life

It is best to concentrate on one thing now and live a peaceful quiet life.

I tried to do many things. I did many things to learn and open up my mind but also liked to do many things.

Realistically, I needed to grow and learn like everybody else which is normal and healthy. With all this experience, now I am able to do stuff on my own mostly.

Now I need super focus on one thing because doing so many things is tiring now at my old age. I think I covered enough bases and can focus now like a mature man.

I need to live a quiet life because I am fortunate and thankful for everything I have.

Thank you God/Buddha, my friends and family.

Generally Working

Times when I thought “Hmmm … “

When I was working in fast food, a fellow concerned coworker asked me what I was doing here.

When I was working as a store clerk, a fellow coworker questioned me why I was using my body for work.

When I was working in the back of a buffet, a fellow concerned coworker said he would go back to school if he was me.

These instances remind me of “doing stuff”.

I ain’t young no more.


After relaxing for awhile and not programming, I am out of the loop.

I am learning about philosophy and how to live more healthy.

But I am out of work engagement. I learned that I am no longer part of something by not working on my projects.

I am out of tech engagement in society. It is like out of social and civic engagement for me. For a person like me (Vietnamese guy) that is all I have. I must use my mind to feel good and work in greater society.

Will learning about other things help and provide for me the bond I need?

Working hard

I am meeting more and more people who are similar to me almost in work.

I know I am a Vietnamese guy. My needs are not met but I need to focus on my “working” needs.

That is all really?

I need to focus on my passions more so I can understand what is the purpose of me doing this or that.

It doesn’t feel right trying to get outside my passions or doing more really. Is it?

Also if I am working outside my passions, I must just focus on it calmly and realistically and fun. There is no need to overexert yourself.

Let see how this goes.

The creative side of programming

It is OK to design things that are intuitive but I think as a person you must bring out the creative artistry side of yourself too in your projects.

You got to be you too!

That is what makes you unique and present and alive.

It is coming to a point where I want to do the things I want to explore now for now to explore growth and individualism more.

You have to do stuff

Extrinsic goals are needed to have a good life.

Especially if you are coloured.

Probably the only way to achieve these goals is to do your passions here in Canada.

Being so niche and specialized is all you can do and focus on.

You need to keep on improving your life.

You will have nothing if you don’t and you will go awry if you don’t focus on your external goals.

Passions first to be happy, specialized and have a unique vantage point worth offering wisdom and advice.

Working with Vietnamese

Maybe it is time to work with like minded people. Let’s try to see common ground. I might be too old. I probably am the oldest Vietnamese doing what I am doing in my niche. I guess I just focus on my niche and write about what I am doing here explaining my journey as a old man who has been through some life. I am pretty sure only people who came from my era (Vietnam War kids born in the West) I can talk to and relate to.

Work on a few projects

Working just updating a few software products was OK and gave me a routine. But there has to be more in life so I work with my friends to open my mind and think happy. It is hard to do everything alone.

Again work

We can talk and talk and reflect and reflect. But there must be work done.


What do people really do when they retire?

I am getting tired at my age.

What do people do in the 65+ years of age? Do they stop growing and doing things. I think they keep going.

The “youngest of the old” avoid negativity I heard and live a happy long life.

Does my work matter?

I am working in my field/hobby/passion with my friends and brother. Does it have any impact? I am wondering if I push forward more will this do any ‘building’? Can I help anything for myself, school, country or homeland? What if I project the next 5/10/20 years out … I am one of the oldest Vietnamese-Canadians … I might have something to offer and say …

After everything

It seems it is the ‘stress’ of life now. Trying to keep busy, trying to learn, trying to grow now. It seems that work and money are not guaranteed. Just have to keep going and moving forward along now at this old age. I went through life enough now and nothing is really surprising when you worked and done enough school. Just keep at it marching on keeping calm and patient and somewhat positive and hopeful.

Working with Ben Cybulski

Working with Ben allows me to think further and beyond the normal I think. It is different, new and healthy.

Passions at the end

Even trying to work and study in this modern society of hustle and bustle, it seems we get just get old and decay and then all we have left is our passions here in Canada.

My past work

I have been trying to grow and live after 25 years old and not trying to fit in the mold because it felt suffocating and not right for me. I could have tried my way to do expected careers like everybody else but that seemed silly if you live in Canada where you can actually do what you like.