I have the following passions: computers, art and programming.

I figured how this translates to work in the real world.

I have been doing what I like.

I am doing Tech Journalism, Software Development and Tutoring/Teaching.

These are the things I can do.

Tech Journalism

Writing is based on my experiences of being a tweaker, modder, and “being cheap” viewpoints.

Software Development

I just create what I like. I produce software to tweak and customize for computer technicians and IT administrators. I don’t think I can work for a company developing for them or do freelance.


I have been tutoring and teaching for a while. I rather tutor rather than teach. I don’t really see myself in front of a classroom full with students yet as I am not confident. I am actually tutoring a friend right now and it is great. I think I would like to open my own tutoring center one day as my bread and butter.

I recently applied to become a high school teacher. If I get in locally this year (Fall 2022), I will go ahead and try to do it. I applied to teach senior year biology and chemistry. I will hopefully find a way to teach computers later through part time schooling. Having this degree (Bachelor of Education) will be my “meal ticket” for life I think. Having this degree will solidify my tutoring/teaching.

I think I have found my occupations in life now.

Working when you are older

You can go out there and compete for the same job or destress and do your own thing. I am too old to compete. I am doing my own thing without the barrage of every single interaction. Whatever happens happens. Regardless, I think I will be OK. I think I worked outside long enough that I should not try to build myself up to be ‘someone’ different/more??? Do I need to change? I think you can not …

Why Computer Work?

Why work in fields that are more subjective with biases and cultural stereotypes?

I found studying and working in computers the least amount of subjectivity.

Yes, I like computers a lot and I am doing what I want but the topic of tweaking and modding does not have much subjectiveness at all I feel.

And tweaking and modding is just fun.

Life should be fun. Everything should be fun.

I am not going to work in a field/topic that has subjectiveness involving race or culture.

So computers is where I will stay and luckily I like it too.


The things I create with my friends are basically not for profit.

How to make money while doing our passions? I got to think some more.

Working for a company will definitely change my ways ….