I practiced Buddhism when I was young. I remember trying to understand textbooks based on Buddhism in grade 9. 

I felt old when I was already 14 years old. Doesn’t everyone at this age feel old? Especially when living in Canada …

In the years that have passed since studying and practicing Buddhism, I came back to it.

I have done quite a number of things in my life. I am old now and am doing multiple things that keep me busy.

I run 3 websites writing free articles and free software and volunteer while going to school.

My days are plenty busy.

I explored and tried looking at Eastern religions and philosophy and also looked to the West. But I come back to the things I just practiced when I was younger, which is Buddhism. It is my form of Buddhism from which I understand it.

I sometimes go to the Vietnamese Buddhist temples in Toronto to pray. I feel connected while I am there. I talk to the monks and feel at home.

I am doing so many things right now and had a revelation. I am just doing ‘things’. It is not getting me ‘anywhere’. I spoke to Buddha and had this spiritual and mental change. I became at peace with myself practicing Vietnamese Buddhism and now I am a vegan.

I am healthy and stable now.

Now that I became more aware of my situation I am pretty understanding of myself.

BUT … I need to keep busy.

Helping and Spirituality is all there is really

Well I realized in my life all the success and positivity I had was when I helped others from the kindness of my heart in areas I felt I could do.

That is all there is to life. Help freely without asking for anything in what you can.

That is all there is to life to live well.