It is the final countdown at college (Dec 4, 2021).

Next semester, the final semester of the 2-year diploma, is supposed to be easier than the previous. It is just a lot of more work and I think more analytical? No hard new concepts I was told.

I am just doing 3 courses this semester that I missed in the first semester (DCOM, MATH and some Elective). 

DCOM, data communications, is alright. I learned some of this before when I did my IT certifications many years ago.

MATH surprised me. I thought it would be only binary systems but there are many concepts we looked over and we are still not done.

I am thinking the final semester will be enough for me. I am not planning to do a 3rd year or bridge to university.

But after doing some MATH, I am surprised how much there is. 

Computer Science in university sounds like uncharted territory for me. Do you really learn all that much from a 2-year Computer Programming diploma in college?

I am thinking you can just go online and Google the other concepts when given a problem working in the real world. And with your problem solving skills create a solution.

But what is the ‘given problem’? Is that your personal problem or a problem working for a company?

I am thinking more and more about MATH and how much work it was for me to understand the concepts. This made me think about PHYSICS.

I thought I could go without doing much MATH but experiencing the hardships when doing it surprised me. ‘MATH for IT’ is different from Calculus I took in university. It opened my mind to think in logic gates and sets.

It is getting physical it seems. I am hitting boundaries.

I currently program OK I guess. I am using functions and classes. My code could be more efficient.

I should limit things to be more lean to get more speed and less redundant code.

I have not worked in a company creating a team solution. Am I missing that experience? Are their new concepts not found online Googleable stored away with the company library? Are there any ‘secrets’ working in a company that is worthwhile to know?

Currently, I am creating personal things. I Google for things and find most things I need. I am building what I enjoy and taking my sweet time.

The concept of MATH and PHYSICS is compelling.

Engineers like Elon Musk studied Physics in university and can build everything.

So studying Physics seems to be the way to build just about everything including better software.

Currently, I just code college level. I am not heavily thinking about more. I have not reached that far yet???

Anyways, I am just enjoying life doing what I want. I can not just study MATH, PHYSICS and COMP SCI for the sake of it right unless I have a personal goal at the end. It will take time until I need of those subjects.

MATH – I need it!

I was not able to pursue computers when I was younger.

My dad stopped me from doing more computing at age 14. He wanted me to do Life Science and become a doctor.

Only in 2017, I was able to come back to computers and learned the following things.

  • Everyone needs MATH because it helps you mature and see things logically
  • Eventually you arrive thinking MATH is important after completing your passions\interests
  • MATH is needed to grow into an adult

In 2017, I started working in the computer repair store, doing graphic design, doing web design, and finally doing computer programming. Only in Fall 2021, I did the required MATH course for my diploma.

The more I do MATH I feel at peace and feel like I am learning and growing.

Programming knowledge is found online I feel. You can Google for help without much difficulty. But MATH requires practice and actual hard work to understand it all.

I just need MATH, any form of it. I must study more MATH. I need it. I don’t need anything else.

MATH gives you emotional intelligence. I suffer from anxiety and studying MATH helped relieve that.

MATH 2 – The Dilemma

Like I am pretty happy programming away.

Previously, before this semester and maybe at the beginning of this semester, my days were very good.

I had time to do the things I liked. About 40% of my time was programming while 60% of my time was doing things I enjoyed.

I enjoyed things like getting coffee at Tim Horton’s or McDonald’s, getting some exercise by walking at parks, eating Domino’s pizza, making my own pita pizzas and socializing about things on Discord.

Doing any more work, I lose my routine.

What are my next steps in life?

  1. If I do MATH it is grueling. The gains are massive. Math is everything.
  2. If I do Teaching in high school it is a complete lifestyle change to nurture others. When will I have time to do the things I want to grow personally?

I have some good news. I was recently published in a Vietnamese Tech website and Facebook post.

  2. Điện Máy Xanh

I am programming away and got recognized by my ancestral home country.