CompTIA A+

Here is a list of chapters from my study guide for CompTIA A+ IT certificate (computer repair and maintenance). Links to a Google Doc for viewing.

I will try to do a chapter every 1-2 weeks to finish my guide.

  1. Chapter 1 – Professionalism and Socializing
  2. Chapter 2 – Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), Antistatic tools, Grounding and Power, EMI and RFI
  3. Chapter 3 – Physical Tools, Personal Safety and Troubleshooting
  4. Computer Resources Links – List of Resources/Software that I think is useful

I think I am stuck. Any more chapters are common sense and ‘Googable’. I think if you want to be a computer technician the rest you probably know. I think the rest are ‘How-To’s. These first 3 chapters I tried to give my real-world experiences working with computers in sales and repair.

I did my CompTIA A+ IT certificate a long time ago (1998). I need to research more to see if I can personally add anything else before continuing writing.