FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Programming


Why do I feel scared of posting my software or code online for the whole world to see? I feel people will criticize me.

You might get people who will criticize you about your code/software. They might say you are not well known enough to have any merit at first. They say your software is a virus. They might talk really badly and curse you to no end.

I started my own thread and continually kept posting on my thread as I grew and learned. There is no room for negativity on your thread. Most people do not dare post on your posts/thread anything negative as it is your thread.

You can try to post on other forums/channels/video comments but after the harsh response, let your “work” be the proof. All you need to do is keep working at your craft and post your progress on your thread. But sometimes the harsh response is warranted though as not all of the comments are derogatory. 

There are people on your side. There are 8 billion+ people on this planet. There is bound to be at least 5 people who think like you in this world. So post anyways and see the responses from your positive audience.

You might feel like you want to get a huge audience on your side but the reality is that maybe only 10 people in this world think like you and support you. This is if I am thinking really small and negative 😞. Those people are like a similar copy of you living out there all over the world.

Don’t fret and know that you have these 5-10 people out there in the world on your side. It feels sad and bad to only have this low number of people as friends but that may be the reality once you finally accept it.

You can think like you have 5-10 people who share and think like you which is cool if you think positive 😊.

Just focus on your positive audience who add to the conversation and project.

It is taking forever! When will I have enough skills to work and do programming

I only like programming 40% of the time so I the answer maybe is that programming is made for people who like it more MAYBE or MAYBE NOT?

I try to keep learning and getting into the “zone” to just program all the time. I am getting better but I have not worked in a company before. I just do independent and group projects with my friends.

I am thinking if you like researching and problem solving naturally then programming might be for you. If you are looking for the amount of time to become good at programming then … I don’t know. I only like programming sometimes so I am not a really full fledge programmer coding day and night.

I learned programming to create computer system utilities like I wanted as a child. That is what I wanted to do in grade 6 here in Canada. That was my goal beyond anything else so that is why I learned programming really.

I think if you truly focus on what you really want when you were a child then you can do that without worrying about anything else. Everything else is just interference and superficial things 90% of the time. The rivalry and competition is minimized or non-existent if you just “play” in your field.

When I just concentrate on my child dream of becoming a system utility developer it seems like it is the only thing that should matter in my life.

Programming or not, you should focus on your dreams if you can and see how it flourishes to become something different and an unique “niche” skill that is important to you first. Take pride in being someone with unique talents and skills at the end.

Take the time to master learn something then become so niche at the end to be different.

You then have a perspective worth talking about at the dinner table then.

Childlike, I like to think I am a good programmer or I am a programmer. Maybe the way I think has gotten me this far so far as a programmer. The way I think and the way I live is the way to do the things I want???

As I gotten older, I found nothing I say or do is 100% final or concrete. I am playing with ideas and words.

So take what I say as just some passing ideas from a guy. Make up your mind yourself and keep going.

Is it worth it to do programming? Even at my age?

Programming helped every part of my life.

I started programming at 25 again after doing poorly in grade 11. Off and on I kept trying to do it since the age of 25.

It is not a waste of time to do programming because math/logic/programming are the skills you need to live a good life in the modern world.

It can apply to healthcare, teaching and other areas of your life.

Less impulsive behaviour if you study and implement programming in your life to look at everything logically.

Watch out for people trying to stop you or tell you it is not worth it to do!!! It helped me live an overall better life with this skill. Disregard everyone saying you should not do it!!!

Please just do it. It is not a waste of time at any age.

Coolest thing is you develop a product that is used by others and it feels so gratifying seeing it used.

Also by doing your own unique projects, you have a perspective and vantage point that can analyze and solve more problems. This is the coolest and most helpful thing that comes from venturing on your own and doing your own thing.

Also you meet really cool smart people to talk to everyday. Brightens your day everyday.