Updates (April 22, 2024)

Life: I always forget this – It is good to live the liberal Western way. It opens your mind to all possibilities. You always have to think about improving your skills. That is all you can do in life. Any other activity is pretty bad and not good for you.

Work: Computer store – In 2017, I finally went back to working my passions. I worked as computer technician. I did other things but helpful people like Al Michael Lane and Ben Cybulski helped me attain more and grow up in thinking and expanding my mind and conscience. Now I am working as a web developer. That is life. You should grow up and do more things to occupy your life in good active growing things. Also, I think no one really likes web development … Too many changes and variables that are creative and up in the sky. I guess I got to do it as I am hired to do it …

Culture: Living very ‘Canadian’ opens your mind – That is the way to live here in Canada as it makes sense. People born here in Canada understand that … I got all my accomplishments with the Canadian way guidance learning about it and with it and around it.

Life: Real life is outside, outside – I need to spend time alone working on my work to avoid the problems of people not understanding reality.

Life: Life is also about “zoning out” – Working in public is not really that great. I guess my only recourse is to “zone out”. Ughhhh ….

Life: Beyond everyday interactions is to be creative – No trouble when things are new. All trouble goes away when you focus on creation.