Updates (May 10, 2024)

Work: More pluses and minuses in work – I will list more information about web development that is key to doing it and learning it all the time.


  • The job is like the biggest job you can do. And if you are good at it or one day then that is gravy, tons of gravy.
  • You create everything just through simple lines of code. Create everything from nothing. It is God-like and like magic.
  • You can create anything you want and want to do more. Example code is available online and all you have to do is tweak it.
  • People actually build themes all day for a living. If you can master just building themes for a living that is like high level, high level skill. Wouldn’t be fun just to create themes to sell? And if they are so good and innovative then why not? You would be so skilled and just keep on refining your skills. Could it be effortless at a point? Being so creative would be so cool.


  • I think you have to do web development for 2 years until you get good at it or 3 years or more. Not really a minus as there are examples online and friends that support you.
  • You kind of become so attached to working on it all day. Is there more to life? More to life than building everything from code? Big ego trip.

Life: Without job skills are we anything in North America? – At the end of the day, it is what we really do for a living that sets people apart. For me I had to grow and grow to have my freedom away from the herd and away from the system. What else is there? Took me 40 years. I always had this independence goal in the back of my mind.