Updates (May 7, 2024)

Work: Do the work no one wants? – I am doing web development. I don’t like it that much. In 2017, when I finally went back to my passion of computer technician, I was hit with the news. Computer technician work is dead here in Canada. Or at least a dead end job. You will be at the store 24/7 fixing and repairing PCs and organizing and researching all day about the latest software patches. That is it. I did not really mind. But my boss asked me to do graphics and web design. It is not my passion but the pluses of doing such work is astronomical. I have been programming and designing graphics for 8 years about. I have changed quite a bit. My mind and body are healthier and smarter. When I go out in public, people do notice that my presence and aura that is highly technical and healthy. Can I keep doing this? It is basically a job no one really wants for the majority of people. But the pluses are sky high to infinity to attain the highest skills. You are bringing all the knowledge upfront in a presentable manner. I always knew this back in high school. But I did not understand the market from my hometown of Durham Region to Toronto and the rest of the world. Back when I was young, I just Googled everything without understanding people. Now that I understand people, I know the small problems to the large problems in life, young and old, superficial and cultural. I will list the pluses and minuses of web development.


  • It is a job that is highly skilled both artistically and logically
  • Uses both parts of your brain: Left and Right
  • Totally encircles you. Your whole day can revolve around this activity
  • Unlimited expression and growth
  • Everyone is artistically different so your output is unique and impactful
  • Not many people want to do this at a high level because it can be subjective too much. The client is very, very picky.
  • Everything is practically “Googable” since the last 10 years. All solutions or part solutions are found on the web: StackOverflow


  • Tiring
  • Stressful
  • Contract work?
  • Once you develop a website it could be 4-5 years when the same client needs an update.
  • You might need a stable job??? if you are not good enough.
  • You might need to develop other things other than web development
  • You have to learn all the old and new technologies. Not just PHP and not just WordPress.
  • You might need a passive income stream to do this without feeling money tight
  • It is hard to break free from doing it because this job is very picky about getting things done right and looking good.

Ego is a big thing for me. I am old now and don’t want to work for somebody really now. So doing web development makes you forget everything and just work at it all the time making you forget all the petty things. People become silent when doing a task like web development because it is so large. Larger than life for me.

Also you need friends in this space to grow and socialize. Lucky I have a few friends who help me vent out my frustrations and let me grow with them. That is the key.