Updates (April 15, 2024)

Life: Life is expected to hard, socialize with people who find this normal and accepted – At the end of the day, you have to expect and accept the hard life of the modern world. Some people mature quickly understanding that and accepting that. They joke about it after. Understand the bigger picture.

Work: When you can do web development, you can see and do everything I guess – You see past and do things above others. You see right through people current skills and reasons. The more you do web development, you can isolate and learn and do. You can really deal with people and everything in this world.

Life: Is you job title everything in life? – For some people, it is all they have. For others it is to keep them in power. For others, it is to learn more and grow. But the reality it is to save face and evolve.

Life: What are you proud of? – I guess the only thing to do is do your dreams I guess??? It was nice learning web development last year in school. I guess learning web development and doing it now is just studying more to get better.