Updates (April 16, 2024)

Life: Just do one thing and do it well – I guess you can not be bothered with everything in this world. You must just concentrate on one thing and do it to your best ability. This quote feels different this time. The more you grow the more you see. The more you see what life is about.

Programming: I got my first computer in 1995. When you think about the past and see how games and software that were created in the mid-1990s to early 2000s you get amazed. How much do you know? How much do you understand? Nostalgia for the most part for me. And when you want to try to fast forward to modern web development it is just crazy.

Work: When you have worked with Ben Cybulski for almost 7 years – After working with Ben Cybulski for 7 years almost, it was good and cool. Did some cool stuff. I am willing to work on more stuff.