Updates (April 14, 2024)

Life: Life for me hasn’t changed – It seems the old things still works. Life for me is still the same. Living out here in Oshawa, the stereotypes still exists. People like me should study LOL! It is OK. Just accept it. I just need time to enjoy life too and understand the levels of life and experiences in getting more knowledge and experiencing more of life here in Canada. It seems the other Asians just have their family and community to support their ongoing studies. I need that I guess too.

Life: Reality – Life is coffee and a good book. For me it is coffee and Internet. More so, doing what I want all day.

Life: Let’s keep trying – I need to do real work. I will try.

Life: Life is good and great as long as you study and improve too – That is all you can do in this world. Improve your education.

Life: People only respect people who are educated and continue to educate themselves – The majority respect that deep down.

Work: It seems I only like doing tweaking tools all day to keep me happy – I guess I figured out finally that I do like to create what I like all day and it keeps me well and happy. Doing other things is just stress LOL!

Work: As a web designer, that is quite high – You should be satisfied with the title as a web designer/developer. There is so much work and learning doing that. It is endless. Nothing has changed since 2002 when I finished high school. Web designers/developers are still in demand. If you take the time to appreciate and learn as much as you can in web development, then that is good. It could be very healthy doing web development. I just need the support I guess from family and friends.

Work: Web development – What causes me stress about it? I will list them out:


  • Learn all the new technologies like trying to get good and implement Shopify/WordPress plugin tools without being Shopify/WordPress
  • Trying to be creative while naturally being a functional guy.
  • Dynamic website, mobile website and mobile app all at the same time. Social media???


  • Forever growth
  • Forever test your skills
  • Grow healthy learning all day
  • You try to think forward all the time and dynamic. That is pretty worth it.

Culture: Living in Canada you don’t have to bother with bad people at all – When you realize the scope of learning here in Canada like doing web development, you are speechless. No need to interact with everyday people no more who complain, compare and bring you down. All you need to interact with is like minded people in your field.

Life: There are people like Ben Cybulski and Dmitry Nefedov and Al Michael Lane who are just doing their own thing – I look up to these people. I am a complainer but doer. I work with these positive nicer better people. I should be lucky and not complain. But I will complain LOL!

Work: If I don’t do web development now, then when and what else? – I think it is time to hunker down and just do this web development job. There is nothing else in the world that is this big and all encompassing. Everything else will slow you down. You understand the goals and how to get there. It is pretty logical and there are guided pathways. Resources are abundant all on the web and people.

Life: I think people do understand the complexities of life – There is nothing wrong about doing more and striving for more. How else are you going to make money without slaving away for a boss? It is just web development which is continuous learning at the end.

Life: I guess I have to change my way of thinking – It is hard for me to do web development. I just got to take it day by day. I will complain and get upset and it is quite possibly not that fun but it will make money and give me routine and structure. Just complain, reflect, understand your mindset, change perspective and then do. There is nothing else on this planet that is this worthwhile I think. It will give you full understanding of the world and more. Working with Ben is the best but you need to fulfill the gap which is web development.

Life: Find people who understand life – Socialize with people who understand that is just life. They should understand the hardships of working and building a comfortable life. See beneath it all.

Life: When you look older than most people in public – There is no point to socialize with younger people really. You just need to get outside to exercise and get sunlight.

Life: When your work is harder than life at home, that is all that matters to stabilize yourself – Web development is the hardest thing I tried. Everything else pales in comparison. The problems you once had or thought you had are meaningless. You don’t deal with “problematic people” no more. The problems are external, so external in fact.

Work: Make web development external – What you can do to keep everything under control and manageable is to think of web development as external.