Updates (April 13, 2024)

Life: At the end, it is about doing 2 things – Work is great and all but at the end of the day you want to do 2 things: 1. Doing what you like, 2. Understand how small you are in the grand scheme of things so you try to add your 2 cents.

School: I like school. Real life is not that fun – Doing what I like all day is fine. Working in the real world is not bad. School was OK but bad nowadays. I guess I need to find a way to do my passions again after working. Need to have money to live comfortably now and save for retirement. I guess I need a few years of work experience then figure out how to teach.

Life: It is doing what you want all day I guess – Working now, I figure it is the human condition to do what you want all day really. There has to be more benefit than negatives to work. If the work is too much, then you got to quit. I like coding just enough to do it. I guess I am lucky to be able to code.

Work: If I don’t do coding, I won’t understand the limits of life – I am lucky to be born here in Canada. I am lucky to have all the education readily available. If I don’t do this coding stuff in the comfort of Canada, then what? In the broadest long picture, it is the funniest thing to do really. There are so many benefits of coding. You get hell of smart. You get so controlled. You are a master of your emotions. You can build stuff. You can have some influence.

Culture: Coding is my way of influence – Technology growth is one way a person can have influence on the world stage. I grew my passions and skills and coded away. I have some projects on the market that are notable. I guess it was technological and your interests at the end to have impact. Was it the safe way? I think not. Living in the Western world of influence, you have to do what you love I guess. And that flourishes into something unique to show.

Work: You need a work base – You need a work base. After that you can do whatever you want? Can you really do whatever you want all day? I think you need to get comfortable of doing work and then doing your passions to live normally. I am understanding this now. Takes 2-3 years of practice I guess.

Life: Pretty much just zone out – It is good and important to understand the world you are in BUT it is also important and good to zone out doing what you like and enjoy without naysayers and people bugging you.

Life: When you get old, it is a blessing – I got to middle-age and have some knowledge. Going outside is not really worth it no more. Just shopping and getting coffee. I understand this now. It is a blessing. The mainstream commotion to get out there is gone. I am lucky to understand this and now am at peace.

Work: Changing careers allowed depth of life – If I was still working my old life, would I have changed? Is change good?