Updates (April 12, 2024)

Life: Things I have learned in 2024 …

  • You have to keep looking forward and hope for more always? As a colored person, it really helps to think up and up? Thinking the Western liberal way is OK.
  • People always strive for more. There is nothing wrong about striving for more. Everyone strives to be better and better I guess.
  • Do the work. The work is what is important. You can have ideas but you must implement it and apply it yourself.
  • When you are middle-aged, all that is left is to do stuff and make yourself notable. There is no better pursuit than this I guess.
  • Just sit there and “zone out” doing the work.

Work: Working as a web developer – You got to take your time and try to relax and build the site from scratch to have great understanding and freedom to manipulate it 100%. Start from HTML, CSS and JS and break it down to responsive then into a system. Take breaks and recontinue. I guess that is life as a modern developer. This is it without working with Ben Cybulski or Dmitry Nefedov. Sleep, develop and exercise until you have done it 2-3 times. It may be robotic and boring. But that is structure. You are learning one of the most complicated structures. People should master it.

Work: When you get angry and dissatisfied with life, think about how hard web development is – You may take a step back and realize how massive and complicated web development is. And when you interface other technologies with the web then that goes to infinity.

Life: It is all about mindset – I can spend my days doing what I want which may hopefully make money one day. That makes me happy and well. But if I do regular work, that is down right sad. No mindset can arise that maybe. Hmmm … that is why I guess people make their money and retire early. Retire early to relax and be creative and wonder.

Culture: Vietnamese-Canadians, what are they thinking about all day? – I need to socialize with more Vietnamese-Canadians. What is the expectations of life now and the future? Here in Canada and in Vietnam? Family and friends?