Updates (April 10, 2024)

Life: When you have something special to think about and say, that is all that matters. I worked hard on my perspective to grow to develop tools that are different and also educate. For me as a Vietnamese, that is all I have. Always keep working on growing and developing your unique perspective.

Work: Small to medium web development – Life is all about educating and improving your skills and talking to people that respect that hustle. I think the medium level of creativity and engineering skills is developing small to medium sized websites first for rent money. That will give you some level of difficulty to challenge you and reward and some possible stable money too. Also some creativity. That is the first step into coding. I talked to Tan Vu (John) and he explained explained this.

Work: For passive stable income is to make competing/similar software with your own twist – After you created a similar product, you can keep making it unique with your own take on features and size. But ultimately to make $$$ money is to create an elephant sized piece of software that does everything, the American way … I need some passive income now to enjoy life now. I studied for 20 years to get to this point and should make passive income now. This way I can avoid the commotion from people who run the rat race.

Life: Inside and outside talk – It took me from 2017 to 2023 to finish a 2-year computer programming diploma. A lot of ups and downs on the way. After finishing school in the classroom, I realized it is also having and creating your own perspective working outside, outside. When you have a unique perspective, that is what drives you and set you apart for better health and better mindset. If you don’t develop different goals beyond the classroom and beyond work then you are just running in the rat race competing like young adults and children. I worked enough and seen the rivalry and competition for power, control and racism at play. No need for that at middle-age. I am old and don’t need to encounter this ‘young’ problem no more. What you do outside beyond the normal everyday school and work is what makes you rise and feel great. You can actually have different unique thoughts and talk to mature people about it too. Growth is necessary and endless. When you get in conflict with the immature people, reflect back on your mature unique goals and thoughts and accomplishments to show the younger people that what they are conflicted about is just a phase of life. More growth and there are unknown limits to think about beyond what we stand on.

Life: What if you changed your mindset in your own unique perspective? – I think the cool thing about what I learned from growing up being Vietnamese and Canadian / Vietnamese-Canadian is to try to do things just to ‘entertain’ my fellow Vietnamese. If I completely change the big end goal or the outer overall encompassing goal of my entire life and existence is to make it just to entertain my fellow Vietnamese. The stress and the hardship and years of work and life can be just put in a nice package just to send to my Vietnamese friends to entertain them. Isn’t that different? Isn’t that cool? Isn’t it worthwhile? Turn a life of suffering into this? Isn’t that a frame of mind that is relieving and relaxing? Now can you laugh?

Culture: Professional jobs for Vietnamese – Every Vietnamese has their parents pushing them towards professional professions. Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer just like other Asians. Whenever, I see a YouTuber/Influencer talking about how they are one of this professionals I kind of understand and don’t. As a Vietnamese seeing other Vietnamese become professionals, I feel I have an understanding how they got there. But a part of me was like, I wasn’t born to be a Doctor, Engineer or Lawyer. So I feel I have to do something else to breathe and have merit beyond these. It would be nice to be one of these professionals but I feel I can’t and something is off or is something I don’t know or something I have not learned yet. There is a part of me always pushing my way of thinking instead.

Life: You have to have growth and something to look forward to I realize now – I will ignore the other people. I need to grow, change and evolve.

Life: Everything is technical first and then some? – You can just go the technical route but at the end what stirs your curiosity?