Updates (April 9, 2024)

Life: After doing everything I wanted and needed, stop criticizing – I realize everyone is different after school and when they get old. I realize no one can criticize you. Everyone has a different life, education, experiences and accomplishments in life. Everyone is unique. I will stop criticizing and judging people no more I live life in my own lane doing my unique life.

Culture: Vietnamese born here in Canada all act pretty much the same – We all act some “general Asian” when together and at rest. Good to know that finally.

Life: To live a full meaningful life, I live externally – After finishing school and getting out there, as a minority I have to live externally to feel well. The way I look doesn’t matter in the big picture and all that I have is my accomplishments and interests and my way of analyzing and viewing the world.

Life: I live my way to get accomplishments and validation I think – I guess all the past 4 decades was to get out there and get validated. All I have are my interests at the end.

Work: Now is the time to take the time to do work – I have to take the time to do coding more for work. I will try slowly. I have a problem rushing it and trying to finish it in one day. I need to take my time. OR at least just zone out and not complain. Completely zone out. I have a problem where I think it is hard and procrastinate so much. I might need to procrastinate to understand the work problem kind of. I have the job in the back of my mind. It is being broken down and analyzed. It has always been that really throughout life. Coding seems like the only thing that brings in great skill and accomplishments and reward and new ways of thinking and thinking differently and externally away.

Life: It is great to live life with more depth and layered – Especially true at middle-age. At home in your space, you can enjoy living so layered with complexity. Disregard the people outside who criticize and are different really. Just enjoy your life at rest and at peace at home doing your own thing without the superficial public. You have to have a multilayered life I suppose. You have to have a different perspective.

Life: Other people don’t understand other people’s perspectives – At the end everyone is different while treating everyone the same. The problem is that most people don’t expect people to change and evolve and look at each other in the worst ways. That is why it is hard out there in schools and workplaces sometimes. Therefore, when encountering problems, it is best to start your own company and just work with same frequency friends. That is why some Vietnamese start their own businesses whether it is nails or restaurants. That is why I work with my same frequency friends avoiding the “problems”. Things are changing but some people at most institutions (schools, companies big and small) hold onto old biases to a T for their benefit and for control and teach it and spread it to “maintain it” to make their life’s good while other people suffer. I am pretty sure I have to work outside, outside. I am OK with it now. It is usually old people who are open minded and think everything is just different and let everything go as it is. Again old and outside, outside is the real deal. But again at the end of the day, it is your interests that matter and none of this really. Just keep plugging away and avoid the bias thinking that people get involved in for their benefit.

Life: Outside perspectives can see things with a different lens – I think a Vietnamese-Canadian perspective like mine can offer something different. I have done somethings with some value. I should not just slot in their and accept whatever. Too old right now to work as a pawn. Living in Canada, I can actually live this way offering something different. Aren’t you supposed to offer something different?

Culture: Some people just stay stagnant in their old beliefs – You can just accept the way you live and how your people lived for thousands of years. Some people I know live that way. But for some people and cultures, they try to or have a culture of work and improving your skills. I talk a lot about these things but at the end of the day, the thing to do is improve on your skills for your benefit at the end and to keep busy. I guess I need to vent.

Programming: Programming is a way of life – Programming can be a way of life to keep learning and growing. I don’t think you should stagnant and fall back and accept how things just are. Keeping afloat is all you need to do … I always forget this …