Updates (April 7, 2024)

Life: Just living life – I got to the point where I am understanding I am just living life now. No more issues and concerns. Just doing stuff. That took years of learning and then finally generally socializing this past year. Out in the real world is so big. There is a mountain of problems and things to do. Just being out there you find things to do. You just have to get past the schools and institutions and avoid boxed in people and just see the world as it is. It took years of schooling and learning first to accept this way of thinking and also get out there in society and finding the right people.

Culture: Got to see other views of Vietnamese-Canadians – I want to see how other Vietnamese-Canadians live.

Life: You got to have the capacity to grow – Make life more and more about growing capacity to do things, lots of things to learn, grow and adapt every each way. Learn lots of skills to have the ability to grow in capacity.

Life: There is actually only 2 ways to live – Live with people and then look at life from afar. I could work with people everyday face-to-face but I could just stay in my room most of the time zoned out talking to like minded people.