Updates (April 5, 2024)

Life: It is about being creative – I am sure now that life is to be creative now. It is allowing yourself the opportunity to be creative for health and just to feel good and be well. But you must somehow get there. You should grow to this point.

Work: I need to figure out some other skills – I need to grow some more but take the time I guess.

Culture: As a Vietnamese, it is all about entertaining your fellow Vietnamese – It is 49 years after the Vietnam War, things are OK now. OK for me I guess. As a Vietnamese-Canadian, I don’t think I have to worry much. I studied for 20 years after high school and feel pretty confident finally, I guess there is more to do and entertain? I am pretty sure I have to delve deeper into the Vietnamese-Canadian culture here in Canada and North America generally to feel comfortable and at “home” here in Canada.

Life: What happens if you don’t grow up? – If life is to be creative at the end, what happens if you don’t become creative? If you don’t focus on that option if you have the choice, then what is life? If you are able to become a creative, will you choose to do it? Just grow it and it should be worthwhile?

Work: Working with Ben Cybulski – Thinking like him transports you into a world where there are no limits. It accelerates your thinking and growth. It expands your mind in every direction and more. You stop worrying …

Life: Growing up – There are conversations and social settings where I have not grown up to talk about. Let see what socializing and working in the public sector will do???

Programming: Get to a point where you have to have a large set of interests and skills – Doing my projects is fun and extremely rewarding. I am not sure if there is anything else this rewarding in life. But I think expanding into web development and learning it now is important for me. The reach you can have working on the web is absolutely limitless if you can somehow harness the Internet tools.

Life: Working with your friends and being at home programming – I gotten my rewards and good feelings working and zoning out programming at home doing projects for myself and with my friends. There is a point where you are somehow carving your own thing now and adding your two cents and more. It is so fulfilling to being different and bolden to do something your way and growing it. If I work in public setting, would I have this solid influence? Would it be better understanding the market and other people besides myself and my group of friends? Seems trying and time will tell. Need to experience outside a bit to see the public work lifestyle a bit now. Is what I am pursuing worthwhile? What else is there in life? What is life here in Canada?

Work: People with professional jobs – I hear from professionals at the end of their career complain they wished they did not work so hard to prove themselves of their worth. I have been studying and doing stuff for a while and achieved some accomplishments. Is life just proving yourself until you realize it is enough or until you get so old and brittle and jaded? or wise? Anyways the only thing I have been doing is having fun doing what I have been doing with my friends and alone myself pushing away creating my groove. I am still pretty sure this way is the right way in Canada. I need to explore this more. Trying to work and trying your own thing at the same time? Did it get to that point yet? Two things at once?

Life: Getting off social media is good – Pursuing interesting things and not posting superficial things is good. It makes you a thoughtful and mindful person and helps you physically as well. Great for health!!!

Life: The underlying goal is being educated and clever – Aren’t you supposed to pursue these in Canada? After talking a lot and socializing a lot you realize, the mind is really for education and trying to figure out problems. All the everyday stuff becomes mute especially at middle-age.

School: 1 year after finishing school – Growth and lots of things to see and do. There are things to help with if you look hard enough and see a certain way.

Life: I needed the years of education and experience – Life wasn’t easy for me I think. I did lots of things to grow and learn from. Starting programming at 25 year old I could not do it. I needed a world of experiences first I think??? Anyways I realize there are 3-4 times more lifetimes of work and experiences after today. What I did was good so far doing my own thing but the reality is you need to add 5-10 years more of solid work and experiences in public to have the strongest foundation possible out in society dealing with people. After that 5-10 years more??? The cycle continues … That is the cool thing and perplexing thing of a modern world here in Canada. The cool thing I realize is that it is actual work to live, live really now. But how much of that is just normal stuff? How much is your stuff? How much is it zoned out in your head? How much is that doing alone work in solitude? How much does that spill into society? What do you want to help? How much do you want to build out there in society? Do people know the answers to getting better, healthier, stronger, happier? Is it just being your best self and working towards independence in all things?