Updates (April 4, 2024)

School: One year after finishing last exam at college – I learned it is what happens in the real world that matters. It is not really taught in schools or other institutions. It is who has the most impact in helping and understanding others. That is the goal in pursing work and projects. School is great and all but all decisions you make should be impactful in the larger scale helping everyone.

Culture: After school and doing things, what matters is culture, ideas and stories you create from learning about the best of cultures to propel you into doing meaningful things. That is growth and that is living. You are supposed to live doing something exciting and that has growth in new ideas, thoughts and projects. Create ongoing stories to carve something new in life. This is especially true at middle-age.

Health: Illness, sickness, disease and growing old too fast – All problems in life are probably just not feeling good about yourself generally and in society and not having all the skills to tackle all life’s problems. Life could be simple as having a different train of thought learning all about the different philosophies, ideas and theories. But the reality in the modern world is having all the skills to solve every single problem you have. And on top of that it is to grow, change and evolve so you can to have the control of your life and not slaving away as a pawn for all your life.