Updates (April 3, 2024)

Life: After achieving my personal goals creating what I want and having my own views and ideas, life is good – Life is good in the public now after living, living in reality. People who have general opinions and stereotypical behaviour walk away from me in public. As a mature man now with a mind, I have the power to listen without feeling at a lost or feeling weak. My specialized knowledge has allowed me to be patient and hear other peoples opinions and see how intelligent and unintelligent they are and how emotional they are.

Work: There are only 2 jobs in this world – When I was 19 years old, I knew that there are 2 jobs that are the highest skilled: Website developer and doctor. As a doctor you are up-to-date with the latest medical therapies. As a website developer you are up-to-date with the latest technologies. I am 40 years old this year, and this is still true. The greatest thing about these jobs is that you are at the forefront and have things to do and say always. Things are changing by the day.

Work: It is stressful doing work for other people in coding – I am not sure how I will cope with trying to do coding. Let take it day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute with a lot of coffee 🙂

Culture: What is my life as a Vietnamese-Canadian in coding? – Is what I am experiencing normal trying to code and learn it and then trying to make money doing it? What other cultural aspects am I doing or leaving out from the Vietnamese-Canadian experience in 2024? I need to talk to more Vietnamese programmers.

Culture: What I like about learning and doing things my way – When I am trying to learn and enjoy life coding things that I want, life is good. I am trying to think independently and having my own take on things while observing the world. When I am living and working in public it is so stressful trying to take into account all the voices at once. Working for big companies with their own take on things is so taxing. It is good though as it takes into account the views and voices of others trying to do something out in the world but it takes away from your time to grow yourself when the goals of the company are so big and so over encompassing. No time for me to think in my own head sometimes.

Work: My old boss and how things have changed in computer repair – Very smart people working in computer repair. Mountains and mountains of knowledge going back to my old store. Encyclopedias of knowledge. What do you need to know to make a living and to live well here in Canada? Being so knowledgeable is great. Being the most knowledgeable in the room is great. You don’t have to listen to no one and you are independent not fighting no one.

Life: I was right – In 2002, I was studying life sciences. I was using a class management website to organize my notes and schoolwork and to network with fellow classmates. It was good for me. But I realized after some schooling I should just study for myself first to help myself achieve independence. At the end the class management website tools were interesting to me. Studying life science was great and can go on forever. Would it encompass what is happening on the desktop computer? Or do you need to learn that separately too?

Work: Website development – It feels lonely and scary to learn it. You are basically a small one man army willing to tackle all the technologies from present back 25+ years ago. Doing it for a few years will help with the anxiety? Will that give me the foundation for web development, coding and for life?

Culture: My parents don’t know the amount of knowledge you have to accumulate in my field – My parents say just study and then go to work. It is not that simple. It literally took me decades to learn enough to get some comfort. It is a one man show really in tech. So much to do and so busy. Is it really good in the long run? Or be in medicine?