Updates (April 2, 2024)

Life: As you get older, you see how small you are and see how things also don’t matter – Life in Canada is hard. Some people work to their asses off, some are lucky and do what they like and get paid, some suffer. At the end, if you are lucky to be born in Canada and were able to sit and think to reflect, you see how small you are in the “technical realm”. The goal is to learn everything. Learn all the technical stuff. That is what is important and sets you alive and well by being able to build stuff. It also makes you feel so small when you realize how much you have to learn to make a general buck working for some coding company like doing website development.

Life: If you take the time to learn computers, then you realize how important it is and how amazing it is – A friend showed me a video on the old cracking code machines during WW2. Simply amazing how things were made and how things have evolved. You must appreciate it.

Work: Website development is all there is still – At the end of the day, everyone knows it is just custom software and web development. You must please your employer/boss/client in developing a stellar above and beyond product. It must satisfy everything and more and be usable for a long time and you must offer support and open to modifying it.

Work: After doing custom software and doing your thing, the next step is to build ‘other things’ for other people??? – You can figure out what to do for yourself and find a niche to work on. But also there is other learning and work to be done to learn and grow and just do and do.