Updates (April 2, 2024)

Programming: How to do programming for work? – I could just take my time, but there is the push to do real programming work for money. Got to program for 24 hours a day now? Well what is there else to do all day? What do other people do for money using their brains? What do Vietnamese-Canadians who use their brains do for money?

Health: All my stress is gone when I studied everything – When I studied everything I wanted and needed all my stress is gone basically. I have like only 10% of the stress compared to when I was 20 years old. So the solution in life here in Canada is to do everything you wanted and more and some for fun. I can do whatever I want kind of. That is a huge stress relief. Don’t listen to people who are against this. They are mostly naysayers.

Culture: Vietnamese community in Canada – My family lived separate from the Vietnamese community growing up. I am learning about all of it now. It feels good and something I was missing. It is cool. There is good and bad but it is ours. It is different.

Work: How much stress can you handle with programming? – Is work, work in programming for others going to be crazy hard and 200% stressful? Do I have the experience and skills necessary to handle it now? Do I look forward to it or rather do my own thing first? Decisions, decisions …