Updates (March 27, 2024)

Life: Mature multifaceted life – You have to as an old man have a mature multi-faceted life in the Western world, facing the extreme front. You are supposed to have growth. A hobby and skill to grow from to pass the time and think elsewhere from the mainstream so you develop a vantage point and specialization so you can talk. You are not supposed to live a meaningless life where it is just you, your friends and your culture all day. You need to grow. When I go out in public and people judge each other, I can say I helped millions of people with my software development and growth education for all walks of life. Are we superficially judging people based on one 2-second interaction? What parts of you that are good? What parts of you are bad? How different are you? How much depth is there? What culture are you speaking from? I hope what you are talking from is spoken from the widest angle possible to take account for all things. If not, then what? I don’t go out in public anymore really, all I see is just see young adults just growing and figuring out school and demanding respect. They have not dealt with life yet. This is just life. This is life growing up.

Life: Old people – Old people understand me. I am just doing what I want to grow and do something new and different. People younger and people my age don’t understand me. I worked really hard most of my life to figure out something to do that is new and different to satisfy the Western ideals of having a good valuable unique life with purpose. Whenever I go to general school and work, it doesn’t satisfy that need and want. General school and work, you have to listen to teachers, other students and other coworkers superficial needs all day and worry about it the next day, next week, next month, next year, probably the next decade. Where has all the time to think and ponder for yourself gone? When do you get to eat and grow and evolve? Well when you are 30 years old, you break free and do it. You are not supposed to backtrack and go back to young adulthood. Hopefully everyone grows to reach higher level thinking for themselves and evolve too.

Life: I see my friends doing this and that and trying new things – I know I should be talking more and getting new conversations in. But the reality I feel is that I need to talk to my Vietnamese-Canadian friends more to understand our culture and build depth. I can not grow if I feel I am living in other peoples culture and just living universally. There has to be culture and your own culture too I feel. I need to live and grow for myself and not live in other peoples culture and their expectations because it is so stressful and leads to sickness I think. I need to make a stand. Just trying to do programming all day is not good. Just talking to my family is not good. Just talking to my friends all day is not good. There has to be homeland connection like with other Vietnamese-Canadians. I can easily understand and connect with other Vietnamese-Canadians. I hardly have that right now. Need to grow that.

Life: You are not suppose to think about others really – Sometimes when I go out in public I get a ton of interactions with people because of the way I am. I get tired of it. I usually learn very little because it is all young adults. There is some learning but I feel I grow more and have more value to provide when I do my hobbies to show and tell. The pursuit of individual endeavors is what mainly does everything for you and everybody else.

Life: What I learned in 2024 so far:

  • Life in the modern world and the future is highly skilled specialized and logical taking half a century to get good and understand the depths of your field.
  • You are supposed to find solace in a significant other that provides unconditional support and has the same base perspective to relax in, same values, and allows you to grow together and be productive forever until you die. Your significant other allows you to be the man and she the woman. Well that is what I like. It shouldn’t be stressful or a lot of work.
  • Logics like programming is a sure way to understand everything. Take 10 years to understand it at least. The reality of a modern life is to take this advice from the Python programming language creator:
  • Live outside in the real world. You can take account what happens inside schools and some work places, but have the broadest mindset possible and allow your mind to be open to think liberal for your growth for when you get older. You won’t be young forever and can not act superficial all your life. You should change things for yourself and have something to offer to the world and not be controlled. I need my freedom. Is there anything that bothers you? Are you allowing yourself to grow, think, do and speak freely?
  • When people challenge you and your ideas and values and beliefs, show what you thought of uniquely. That means don’t be a sheep. You should have your own ideas, beliefs and accomplishments. Some groups are like 125% boxed in thinking about old ideas and belief systems and try to limit others. Accomplishing unique endeavors will make you evolve physically and mentally.
  • The real mature “Canadians” want to see what cool things you are thinking about. Keep that in mind. What is your idea? What is your contribution? They want to see how rad and cool it is. Who are you trying to impress? Always have that in mind. Always have that in the back of your mind. That is something to look forward to for your entire life.
  • You have to create something unique and creative outside the norm to not get treated poorly by some groups. Some groups of people like to limit you and make you a pawn for their benefit and their ego sometimes. You can work on yourself outside their influence to build your own mind and have your own take on life so you can show these groups of people that they should not control people because that is bad and does not help anyone and that they can grow too. Be nice. Real life is liberal and not controlled and not influenced by others.
  • I think you can make things more complex and cool, but that might need to be driven by individual need and individual problems.
  • Do not rely on anyone. Don’t be a slave.
  • To rise above and break free is to think uniquely in your goals. “Do this and that” and strive for better.