Updates (March 23, 2024)

Life: It is all about your passions at the end – I went shopping in the city and realized the really happy people and most pleasant people have passions and hobbies. You can go about your day and meet a lot of immature people wanting attention and control, but the Western way of just doing what you like all day while still understanding the outside world is what really matters. Locked in and zoned out is all that matters to give you peace of mind and a place to perch on. Well you can do this in Canada for sure.

Culture: Thinking the Vietnamese-Canadian way is the only logical right way to live for me – The only way for me to live is do things the Vietnamese way. It is still Canadian too. I am thankful for the Canadian system with all its supports and broad thinking but I live still the Vietnamese way, my way. The way I lived when I was young. But also mature now.

Culture: I learned about the different ways of living of other cultures – The disciplined way of learning maths was all that I needed to live comfortably. I zoned out for 3-4 years learning programming and it gave me the lifestyle of living presently and with controlled emotion. That was all that I needed to do. If I went ahead and did other jobs and subjects, it would not give me the control and stability to do things with more ease. Everyone should study maths. After you get tired of the routine, just study maths like programming.

Culture: You are supposed to have the broadest mindset possible – That is the only way to live in the modern world without being sick and dissatisfied with life. It is to see the planet and then see everything in the biggest sense possible without the ego and without the greed. You are supposed to share your knowledge and skills with others. It is also to evolve into being the best mind and body and to continue to do that.

Life: Large busy brains – I went to the city on train the other day to buy some stuff for my dad, on the train an old man sat next in the opposite aisle chairs. He was busy marking papers or doing paper work. Yes, I think I have a busy smart mind, but this guy was entrenched in real world work and thinking constantly and continually. That is something to aspire to here in Canada. You are given the opportunity to study and keep busy as much as you want with government loans and free libraries and cheap Internet access. To fully keep your mind busy working and studying all about “life” is such an opportunity to do and have. It makes your face and aura really smart and broad and focused. Makes you look like a thinker with value, humbleness and long reach. Yes, sometimes it is great to go outside to see great minds.

Culture: I like Vietnamese because … – The food, connections and conversations you can have with other Vietnamese is so thrilling and entrancing and satisfying.

Programming: Was programming the next step in life? – It seems that programming is the last thing you realize to do.

Culture: For me, I need to build up my culture – I have no foundation really but my Vietnamese-Canadian one. I need to build that establishment.