Updates (March 22, 2024)

Culture: Your culture and the Western one – That is all that matters to make yourself stand.

Life: It is all about taking care of each other – After all said and done, was it the Western way of taking care of each other? Or just neutrality? In society, it is just taking care of each other based on physical looks and health. But what about individual culture? Does culture matter to improve things? I focused on myself, my culture and my people and everything improved for me. Am I not thinking universal and big enough?

Culture: I was not treated that well at the forefront in society – I wasn’t treated that well at the dinner table. Therefore the social aspects of my life are mostly null? Then I guess it is to work on education, skills to improve everything. Therefore, you got to ignore the people that treat you poorly. The Western liberal way of pushing far ahead?

Culture: You got to focus on the good parts of your culture – I am the oldest Vietnamese born in Canada, what else can I do to change and improve things? Improve for myself, my people, society or do I just zone out? I think the more you zone out doing your thing without worrying about people, things just improve for everyone. Basically, the more you improve working on yourself in universal ideas and universal projects, society takes notice and people internally grow and improve on their own taking your advice and steps.

Culture: It took me 20 years of learning to reach this point. Going full throttle on computers helped everything because it was so technical and logical that it takes years to build and get experience. It is not a simple switch of careers. Anyone wanting change in life, must go into computers and programming for a complete 180 in lifestyle and thinking to build and create.

Life: In the East of the GTA, I get treated good – In Toronto, it is pretty downright negative. Interactions are mostly based on race, looks and color. It is hard for me to think beyond this while there. Maybe I am thinking wrong. I haven’t had the time to sit and think and grow using everything and looking around. I stayed in Scarborough for 6 months while studying practical nursing. All I learned was to take care of myself because I was a Vietnamese guy and no one looked up on Vietnamese people LOL. No one was going to help feed me and everyone is negative looking at the lowest denominators in everyone. As a student in the diverse city, I was going to learn everything and deal with society alone. Then I got a job peer-tutoring first semester courses for the college to new nursing students. I learned to feed myself finally. It was fun being in the frontline but also not. What I felt learning practical nursing was that I did not know everything but kind of knew everything. Assess but don’t diagnose. A doctor diagnoses. The doctor makes the decisions.

Programming: Building these utilities are pretty far out there I think – I think abstract most of the day building this type of software. Everything is pretty much open in the air. Isn’t that how you are supposed to think in the West? Aren’t you supposed to build stuff like this at the end of the day? Tools for fixing, tools for customizing, tools to toy with? If I don’t do software like this, then what else is there to build that is far out there? I think I am at the edge.

Life: This blog is becoming a social thing for me now – I am learning about life now and documenting all of it. After years of study, now I understand the benefits and the negatives of my individual life.

Life: In outside public society, we try to balance and give reason for everything – But what do you do to actually improve and excel? That requires studying and doing and improving everything you can about yourself and to help others improve. It requires lots of patient self-study and lots of thinking outside the box. I don’t really think it involves people that much. You are trying to put forth something new and unique. That doesn’t require the constant negativity from others really. If you can handle the criticism that that is good. But you should just vibe right? I think you need to just vibe for now until you can handle all that backlash and increase your mind and skills until it reaches the limits of other people’s expectation and not just yourself. What did the great thinkers do? What did the great scientists do? You can try to help others broaden their thinking and set the tone. You can try to set the perspective too.