Updates (March 17, 2024)

Life: I got what I want but only because I am old – I achieved what I wanted basically. I got my childhood goals. But I got them when I am old. I guess I was not mature and did not pursue my passions until I got old. Simple like that. My mind was big enough to handle getting the things I wanted when I got really old.

Life: How to grow and evolve – I really think to max out in life is to just sit there and study or maybe zone out doing programming. This will increase your skills as “math is everything” and then you will achieve milestones like building usable software products and evolving them overtime. Maybe that is all we can do in this modern era? As I achieved life milestones, when I go out in public, people notice my presence. It is acknowledgement and confirms that I am living life.

Life: How much do you have to educate yourself beyond your passions to work and live here in Canada? – I am not sure what I want to do for heavy work. But for light work, I would just like to tutor really and have a relaxing time letting the mind open and add a few things. Don’t take life too serious I guess? I was serious for the last 4-5 years and I achieved OK things. But I feel I need there is a point to keep doing your passions for the ongoing education and specialization for that uniqueness. This brings about the vantage point that people crave. Specialized knowledge and a branch to criticize and give a point of view. To have some influence.

Life: Expectations from Vietnamese-Canadians and Vietnamese from Vietnam – When I do something, I take into consideration the affect of it on the Western populace. It is hard to balance satisfying everyone. I just create for Western audiences really. So when I talk to Vietnamese from Vietnam they sometimes have different expectations. Only Vietnamese-Canadians really understand the amount of work and effort it takes for me to live my life. Vietnamese from Vietnam sometimes take years and years to see my reasoning.

Programming: Creation changes you – After programming for 3-4 years, the power of creation changes you. You have the skills and freedom to create almost everything you see with the skill of programming. Nothing really bothers you no more. In my case, I pushed forward into my niche and it gave me confidence and knowledge to feel I can do just about anything. To channel that power is to create stuff that I do. Like create educational tools to help others. I don’t know how else to channel this excess energy. Sometimes people bother me still but they don’t understand how the way I live entirely. I live independently in my niche to create and grow. It doesn’t involve people from other places that push themselves and their ego above all.

Life: After your childhood goals are met, what next? – I guess it is time to work. It is really hard for me to push to learn all the programming to work at a big company. I don’t think I would handle the stress and the people. Do I really want to deal with the people in programming? Do I want to deal with learners instead? Or just enjoy taking my time? Why not? As long as I get it at the end, everything is OK? I got to change my mindset to take my time. I have earned enough programming? I have programming skill that is scarce. I should be content generally.

Programming: There is a subset of people who you have to really impress, everyone has a group they are trying to impress – I know “the people” that I have to impress on this planet in the programming world. This group of people I am trying to impress are supportive and open minded and would like you to show your ideas and skills and also improve them. Really stellar people.