Updates (March 16, 2024)

Life: I was right – Living in Canada, I figured my way around the mess. I knew when I was young to avoid the mainstream garbage media was to study … First study what you want and liked to understand the mainstream hype and your passions, then study the maths and when you are old and done with some math in the brain, move towards independent thinking away from the mainstream to fulfill mature growth and creativity and uniqueness. When I was shopping at Costco yesterday (March 15, 2024) in north Oshawa, I was surrounded by the “emotional” young adults who are currently at the stage as punks acting egocentric and racist and cultured. The reality is that, you have to keep all that contained and be objective to control it and use it. As a Vietnamese-Canadian who gets treated the worst because of my race and looks, I knew one day you have to treat people objectively as much as possible to work and live. This can happen when you get middle-aged sometimes. Sometimes people don’t grow and don’t learn to treat people objectively because they did not learn enough yet and did not have enough good experiences to help them move past emotional thinking. Anyways, I will hang out with my old mature objective thinking friends from now on. The outside young immature adult world doesn’t work no more for me. I am finally done socializing outside and can move on. Took me 21 years to learn everything and move on, from 19 years old to 40.

Culture: Finally understand Vietnamese-Canadians and moving on – Most Vietnamese-Canadians, like my brother William Duy Nguyen are just trying to survive and impress the majority crowd to earn something and not worry about the rest of the people. That is the normal way for Vietnamese-Canadians to live and succeed in Canada. Majority of Vietnamese-Canadians are too busy to do things that I do … I spent considerable amount of time to analyze the other people of this world. I took the time to understand other nationalities and it helped me understand the mindset to be disciplined, accept different perspectives, different thought patterns, different feelings and emotions, accept being faceless in Canada, and enjoy hanging around colored people. Now I have the pleasure to play with Vietnamese-Canadians in Canada and feel at rest and at home. My brother has not ventured understanding the different peoples of the worlds. I need to help him get exposure to what I have been learning to rest and think different and allow themselves to think different. It is relaxing, familiar and comforting to see other people and people like you. It may rejuvenate you and allow you do grow in different ways and develop new different things that may have merit. Lots of feelings and experiences and comfort can come from just interacting with only a few Vietnamese-Canadians who may have travelled similar paths here in Canada.

School: Two educated engineering pathways – I shopped for a big bag of cheesy Doritos at Costco and some food court items yesterday for my family and myself (March 15, 2024). This is in north Oshawa where there is huge population growth near the university and college. Finally the wealthy immigrants have moved in. I started people watching trying to figure out the new demographics here in north Oshawa. There are some smart people shopping. I figure they are engineers from Asia. I wonder to myself what is the type of engineering is necessary now. Streamlined and efficiency engineering mainly? Electrification? AI and automation? Robotics? Green engineering? I wonder what the majority Canadians want in terms of engineering? Has to do with making money for sure or saving it. It is very interesting to see all that engineering.

Life: What do our parents think? – We are living our lives in the moment while our parents look out for us. Is what we are doing anything new? Are they serious about your growth? Are you serious about your growth? Are we being too serious? Is life that serious?

Life: People can just do what they want all day, but you can evolve – It is OK sitting doing whatever you like all day for 120 years but you can evolve too. My situation is not the great being Vietnamese here in Canada. It is hard to find a job where people don’t just treat me bad just because I am Vietnamese ethnically out here. I guess I got to evolved and change, grow and learn. That is what people and media don’t tell you, you can change to be better than what people say. Are you at your peak? Can you push further? Is the Western liberal system of thinking enough? I am new to Canada and have my own ways of living. I will push forward and see my version of living apart from other people. There is no cookie cutter solution. There is no way to live. The way of living is yours. You are not supposed to think in stereotypes or classification. Nothing is concrete.

Programming: Is life at the max just coding? – It sure feels that way. After all the low drama of young adulthood and working with people, it seems like the only thing that is understandable is programming which is “logical”. We need calm quiet logic minds at the end.