Updates (March 15, 2024)

Life: I did not do my passions properly and I did not live properly – Life required a lot of discipline for me for the last 15 years at first to learn and grow, grow and grow. This is probably because I did not focus on self-study and my passions at 14 years old when I was young. I did not zone out properly on my passions. I socialized too much and worried about what other people were up to and what people were thinking about me. Now I realize from focused stable people, all life is doing your passions and enjoying it full throttle regardless of whatever happens in terms of job, job security and money. That is what it is here in Canada. Life is what it is here in Canada. Nothing is labeled good or bad. It is whatever. It is not the media telling you to have a good time and socialize and have fun all the time. It is working on yourself to have that place where you can just separate yourself and do things without being so connected with people who may bother you.

Culture: Must entertain fellow Vietnamese-Canadians – Also finally socializing with other Vietnamese-Canadians (Vietnamese born in Canada), there is the push to entertain other Vietnamese-Canadians and grow together and push each other. There is no misunderstandings when dealing with other Vietnamese-Canadians. We are all in the same boat. We may be born in different parts of Canada but we are all dealing with the “Canadians” trying to make ourselves special and known to them and prove ourselves.

Culture: When you are 40 years old and Southeast Asian male in the public – No one bothers me no more which is great! I look so mature now after trying to study for the last 20+ years. I have some white hair and my face looks old. Young punks don’t even look at me no more. It is great in public. My aura shows maturity, “old man” and experienced. There is no real point really to act superficial in Canada as an Asian person. I knew this when I was 5 years old growing up in Ajax, Ontario, Canada. I am just piece of meat with some brains out in public. With showing some brains, people universally respect the hustle and smarts at the end. That is why I don’t really want to visit Toronto no more. It is nice seeing all the different cultures but the reality is people who don’t look like the majority are faceless. You got to just do your intellectual passions all day and accept that is OK and hopefully fun and rewarding. The rewards are priceless and huge when you are able to be recognized and published using your brain.