Updates (March 14, 2024)

Life: What is the real question in life? – What do I really want? What do you want? You have to ask people what they want. Some people who are immature and young might aspire for ego and self-centered things. What do I want now after socializing for a year after finally finishing school? I want to release the mind. Maybe push to design and do things without influence that counters it.

Life: When you are done with people as a man – When you are done with socializing with people as a Vietnamese man from everyday people all they way up to people in healthcare, you then realize what you really want in life. Also when you interacted with women (women that actually want to interact with you), you grow and realize you just want to do what you want to push the mind and things forward individualistically with freedom. This is especially true in the West.

Life: You have to look at people and ask what do they want? – You got to figure out what do people want and see if that is reasonable and viable. But at my age after interacting for 40 years, I just want to see now what can the mind do seeing things from afar and objectively.

Life: Social life and your life – After school and socializing for a year, there is a part of you that must live for himself disregarding what is happening in society. It doesn’t help anyone living like a young adult at middle-age. You got to protect yourself and your evolution from backtracking and living sub-cultured and backwards. Maybe in public you can live like an everyday man but seriously, you got to live for yourself and evolve and grow.