Updates (March 13, 2024)

Life: It was all about technical knowledge to build tangible stuff – Life in the modern world is to build anything. It removes ego and removes all combating culture that stops you or limits you.

Life: Once I got so technical, things changed – People have these ‘ideas’ about you. They look at you negatively at the base. But once you are so old, all this negativity can not label you no more because you got to live and move forward. You got to survive instead of just live. That is why middle-aged adults just stay home reading, doing their hobbies and learning. There is no time to act like a young adult no more.

Programming: How technical do you have to become in the modern world? – I guess you have to be at least highly skilled like Steve Huynh who achieved like the highest level at Amazon and retired after 18 years.

Life: Two ways to live for me – Just study until you get to the level of Steve Huynh or work with Ben Cybulski. It has to involve programming some way. That way I get out of the demeaning degrading harsh society treatment too. Building technical feats is the way for Vietnamese like me to get around the system.

Life: Avoid people who are anti-entrepreneurial and anti-individualistic – These people who are against these things are quite possibly closed minded, have group mentality and possibly lazy. They command routine power to satiate themselves. Doesn’t help me when I am Vietnamese. Things must change and it won’t help if I am not different and not entrepreneurial and not individualistic. I am too old to care for people who have group mentality.