Updates (February 25, 2024)

Life: Living uniquely on the fringes helps – I live out of the public eye and do my activities online. I am trying to learn and grow as I am literally a minority LOL. I don’t think it is right to live in the public space right now when you realize that life is still the same since you were 5 years old. You literally have to study and study and become specialized in your areas to have fun and grow. I am pretty average but below really … It took me decades to get this far. I have to accept that I am below average and also accept I need some off time to relax too LOL. I am 99.9999% sure what I am doing is the right thing being born in Canada. That sliver of 0.0001% is just thinking I should just have a normal colored life in the system. But being a thinker and living on the fringes ain’t bad. It is unique and that has some merit in the whole big picture. At least I avoid the prejudice outside doing this.

Programming: The real scope of commercial software is this I think

Programming: When you get to 1 year of reflecting and programming after school, you appreciate a programmer life – There is no greater feeling than building software bit-by-bit. The power to build software from words is absolutely fulfilling. It costs next to nothing and the returns are 1000+ fold. The feeling is absolutely incredible.

Life: Socializing is almost dead after you are done – The racism, culture and egotistical interactions get flatten out in the Western world once you have done some stuff and reflected and relaxed. There is absolutely no real point in going to institutions for school and work where it is cultural and racial. You are too old to deal with the “system”. Just relax and drink your coffee and enjoy life in the comfort of your room with your family and friends doing your own thing at peace. You must grow beyond the institutions to have this feeling and control.

Culture: Other minorities – I am guessing the other Asians that immigrated to Canada 300-400 years ago also accepted the life of pure academics till death. They have supportive families and their community to push them along the academic route.

Work: You have to have prove in the real world of your value in mainstream – It feel great having projects being used. I am more of an assistant to Ben Cybulski and Dmitry Nefedov. It feel great to develop. It feels great to have your 2 cents put in. But how long can you maintain it? Is it enough just to have a few projects? Can you just maintain the few products? Can you retire and find something more fulfilling? Where is the money in this? Do I need that much financial freedom? Do I need that much financial freedom living in Canada when it is all about education and reaching intellectual goals? Are goals really financial freedom in Canada?

School: Get unique smart – Instead of being the stereotype that everyone expects from their baby to senior grandparent, can you actually develop yourself mentally to a point where people can not gauge your mind? People in society gauge you smart but can not label you 100%? This will require you to dig really deep and address your problems and trauma to develop your creative solution and then grow some more.

Culture: After living Western can you live Vietnamese? – I satisfied my Western endeavors. Now can I be Vietnamese and grow and satisfy the Vietnamese life? I think you can. I will use what I learned so far to fill the hole in my head that is being “Vietnamese”.

Programming: Obsession – Is programming addictive? It is a yes for me. The long hours zoned out in it is completely enthralling and the rewards are the best.