Updates (February 24, 2024)

Work: It was all about having the creationist mindset – Being about to build and create was the ultimate goal.

Life: It is about doing what you love all day – After accomplishing school and reflecting for almost a year, it is about doing what I want everyday. It is about making fun tools. The body is old. The outside world is just full of young adults. There is nothing else than this. It is all about your fun by yourself as you have matured and gotten old. It is no longer about the outside world and trying to prove yourself no more really. I have learned enough about the outside and gotten the skills to just do what I love everyday now.

Work: Knowing what I like to do now, can I just get a job to work to pay the bills and get a pension? – I expect the duality of life to be multi-pronged. Can I just find a job to have pension money? I need a government job I guess. That is either teaching or healthcare like nursing. All I do in my past time is build fun tools. I can not make money developing my fun tools as they are just fun things that have no real commercial value. I don’t really want to build commercial tools all day causing me stress trying to keep them updated stuck at home all day. Can I build tools or fun tools to make enough for retirement?

Work: Is life about working with people who are altruistic and brilliant like Ben Cybulski and Dmitry Nefedov? – I think the world revolves around these people who think so forward and intuitive and smart. It is not about me by myself really. They opened the doors for me to think bigger and for myself evolving my thinking.

Life: Don’t be the same like everybody else – Being different is the goal out here in Canada. Going the traditional route is great and can give you stability and even uniqueness. But if you were born in Canada, wouldn’t you try to live a Western unique smart life? Vietnamese-Canadians understand this. It could be a place and cultural thing. People in Canada think different.

Life: When I went to Walmart today – Today I went to Walmart (Sat Feb 24, 2024), it was comforting and dreary. I am getting older. I look older. The body is an old boat. Life has stopped and it is the countdown to keep busy doing what you love everyday for fun and enjoyment. It is very comforting to know what you really like to do now for the rest of your life really. There maybe other things you like to do but I guess what you primarily like is what you will continue to do for life. My activity is so fun and out there that there is probably nothing more fun than it. I am lucky. I am lucky to live in Canada and have this education and experience. Now I don’t have to deal with people no more because I am so old now. I am just an old man now. No one wants to bother me really. I can just enjoy myself now.

Culture: With Vietnamese you can show all the facets of your life – In your own group, you can be yourself and no one will bat an eye. I couldn’t before with other people as it may cause misunderstanding.