Updates (February 23, 2024)

Culture: Sense of belonging – Vietnamese born in Canada are fiercely independent because they grew up in Canada. They figured out how to make their way in Canada. My way is just education and doing my own thing living on the fringes. I have no problems really. Most Vietnamese born in Canada think I live perfectly fine. I do my own thing to give me health and peace of mind. I connected with Vietnamese-Canadians and feel close now. So I guess it was a cultural thing for me.

Life: Control and power over your life – To get more control and to remove racism is to be really unique, creative and smart and complex too. More complex then the next guy. The only way to be super, super creative doing what you love. And also math. No one really wants to study maths but that will give you space and freedom and to influence people. It will control your emotions. I figured this out after finally doing my schooling and reflected over the year. I don’t want to be controlled so I found out it is just maths to have control over others.

Life: Duality of man – Sometimes other men who are not smart yet try to put other men down and limit them. But the thing is you must strive for excellence. There is nothing in this world than striving for excellence.

Life: Fine engineering – At the end of the day, you can appreciate fine engineering. Appreciate fine engineering.

Work: Part of life in the modern world – There has to be a time in your life as a mature man and intelligent man to develop stuff and develop stuff for free.

Life: No real social mobility for my case – There are no social mobility for a Vietnamese guy like me I think because the way I operate and think currently. Even if I worked in academia or industry, there isn’t any growth for a Vietnamese guy like me. Even if there is, the projects and mission are just capitalist and knowledge amassing which I don’t like. Really life in Canada if you are born here is entrepreneurial and indie. My life is just a Vietnamese just learning on the fringes until we have our own companies and smart culture. Or it is just independent work like every Canadian born wants?

Life: In Canada you have to be unique – Life is getting to a point where you are trying your own thing and want to teach it after. The goal is to tell people your perspective. Therefore you have to grow your perspective. And it is always evolving too.

Culture: I only grow when really socializing with other Vietnamese – I was missing out. When I talked to other Vietnamese especially the ones born in Canada, they are doing their own thing and living. Trying to live like them to have equal footing has made me grow.

Culture: Richard Pham – He is living his life true to himself. He is living the Vietnamese-Canadian dream being independent and doing his own thing. It chills me to the bone living the way he wants. What he is doing is making me want to strive for independent success like a true Vietnamese-Canadian. When I was in university and college, other cultures not Vietnamese tried to live the simple life of just slotting in there in the gradient and being stagnant. True Vietnamese like Richard strive for human independent endeavors. I am realizing how Richard lives the true life. It is not holding back really it is about the human drive and human experience. I need to hustle more like him.

Culture: Culture is a thing really – I might as well keep doing what I am doing. I have 4 decades of work and experience. Might as well keep going because it feels good and right.

Culture: I really went out there – I am doing what I want and it really shows now I think.

Culture: Life in Canada is about expanding and exploring – As I get older there is nothing to do. I wonder what other people think? I got to do something with the time I have now.

Culture: If I get the education I want, where can I teach? – I am pretty sure I can teach in Vietnamese establishments. So I might as well keep learning. What else am I going to do in my old age? Not being able to do the things I want has stopped me. Maybe for now the only place I can teach is homebase? I got to expand my thinking more.

Culture: What my parents and family don’t understand – It actually takes a lifetime of study and experience to get this far. That is what is ingrained to you as a kid in the West. It is a good noble thing to do to continue to study for life.

Health: What do doctors know that I don’t? – I wonder now how people think 20 years after 19 years old from high school. Was it to do what your heart desired as a person born in the West?

School: Studying everything you want, will it get you what you want? – Teaching I realize is just money to live. Same as working in healthcare. I actually want to sit there the ponder and think and build with the knowledge and experiences I accumulate. I got old real quick after finishing school and reflecting for year. I am my own person now. Still growing and learning but I want to do the things I want now without the headache of the immature negative crowd. What do you think about at your old age? It was so much fun living outside the body and to develop the software tools for the past 4 years. There was nothing greater that gave me so much enjoyment. Maybe teaching that to my students will be what I need to teach. Is it about the massive education you amassed? It was then it became what you want to do all day at old age turning over the leaf from superficial 1-dimensional to outside your body.

Culture: After socializing with Richard Pham everything is good – I had to socialize and accept the Vietnamese way of life here in Canada in order to live free. For me Vietnamese do their own thing and have to. This way we avoid subduing our spirit in the system that is limiting. Entrepreneurial or nothing at all.

School: Can I go back to school in-person to get paper degrees? – I am not sure. It is better to develop what I want alone and with my friends instead of going into the system. Online schooling for life? I don’t handles or see it is beneficial for me 200% to go back in-person.

Work: You got to go full throttle and develop something out of this world – To fuel the soul and avoid mistreatment and racism is to go full throttle and develop something out of this world. That is the only way to live for anyone to rise.