Updates (February 22, 2024)

Life: Gets to the point where it is only you – You get to the point where what you do only matters to grow you and help yourself.

Culture: Vietnam wars – When you are able to study instead of fight all the time, you will study to create ideas and bring some ideas for your fellow people. My plight is personal maybe. I need something to talk about and think about.

Life: Trust and peace – When you start to grow and mature, you realize that the only thing you are looking for is a home, a stable job and a wife you can trust.

Life: Give your wholeness – You can do this in the modern world to have anything. If not there is nothing. Can not be partial. The act of giving the wholeness without anything half-baked. You can do it in Canada. There is nothing to worry about here in Canada. I can not trust people who can not be whole. It is simple like that.

School: Education – Becoming an adult and becoming a highly intelligent person requires just to accept you have to learn everyday and be open. It is hard because people want solid simple answers. I guess we have to accept we are flawed human beings who have biases and are judgmental trying to learn and be open. Just accept the duality of this and do your thing? Well for me I guess I have to understand general society and for me to try to be open minded at times to see the broader picture.

Life: It is easy to judge when you are not growing – Having financial stability doesn’t help grow you. My parents are retired and pretty stable in life without bothering people or people bothering them. What do I do as a person growing in the market? I am constantly trying to make move in society to learn, get educated and to work and it is all confusing. Can not trust anyone and it is just feeling the situation to just move forward.

Life: Who do you trust? – Not sure what to comment on that now at my age.

Life: I know how to live here in Canada – At my age I know what to do to make a life here in Canada. It is all just education really at advanced stage and teaching the younger generation to be as open minded as you to absorb life like a sponge. The push and teaching to change mindset is all there is. Requires decades of experience and life experiences to be open to learn. That is the position you have when you are old and have a lot of experiences. You have decades of experience in Canada and are open minded that makes you different. Being so open minded and caring for yourself first will drive you to independence and unique thinking. This independent thinking is what everyone wants to have. Some people you lived a hard life will get to this point quicker.

Work: Working on Debloaters – Working on the Debloaters gives me a goal to keep going and learn further in depth and openness. I did not realize this until doing the Debloaters for years. It puts you in the world to keep at it to grow in it and gives you the mind to be involved and grow in the product and field to further expand and develop this niche.

Life: When you are so old, you can contain and see past immature younger people – As you get older, you lead in your niche. No need to work and befriend some people because they are controlling and don’t know as much as you as you are a old person with years of life.

Life: People who post online their life in pictures publicly – It gets to a point where you understand their mindset is to be so open to people that it feels wrong maybe??? Can you really trust anyone these days who have social media? It doesn’t help an older person like me who wants to settle down now. The people who don’t have pictures are the one you can trust really. Is it an age and mature thing trying to be public first? No, I seen people who live a good stable secure trusting life where they don’t even have pictures or post their life online. I have seen them everywhere. It is not determined by race or culture or location.

Life: I actually live a good life when I reflect – I am concentrating on my craft and it shows in the marketplace. Nothing to worry about. I am just finding the right time to do things after growing in education and skills I guess.

Culture: Life in Canada as a Vietnamese born in Canada – In comparisons to other Vietnamese in Canada, I realize I have a great life which I am grateful for. I decided really early in kindergarten to just focus on study because I grew up with white Canadians in Ajax, Ontario. I was colored so I considered myself ugly so I choose to think and keep busy and make a life for myself independently. I find it odd about other colored nationalities trying to make a say and push their agenda in society. I am colored so I don’t really have a say.

Culture: Working with other Vietnamese – I have a hard time in institutions like academia, educated fields of work. Ego and racism still is a problem for me and others. Maybe I look at race and culture? Somehow I think differently being born in Canada and as a Vietnamese. Regardless I am thinking of pushing working with other Vietnamese to see how this ends up. I can not work in public education right now because I am still growing and learning and trying to make myself think more better and behave better. Maybe I am thinking wrong?

Culture: Being grateful as a Vietnamese – I should be really grateful as a Vietnamese person. I was able to do school for years and attained some accomplishments. I even differentiated into doing my own things instead of just getting a general job. I became entrepreneurial somewhat. I just develop fun things that have no real value so that is why I get no funding (donations) which is a reflection of my personality really. To get donations I must develop what is needed in the market and be 1000% thorough. I guess I got to do that now in order to get money to live. It is so fun developing fun tools though.

Life: Growth and to get a wife – I need to keep studying and working on myself to have anything. I got to hit life goals. To get a wife requires everything set in place really. It is not helping living in other nationalities while my own culture requires me to do things that are Vietnamese. I am the oldest Vietnamese in Canada so things are different now. I must do things differently to get the things I truly want.

Health: Working in healthcare is stable – Is working in healthcare really stable? New drugs and procedures are made like every 20 years I think. Maybe earlier now with technology advancing. But to have a family and do all normal routine things, maybe work in healthcare is something everyone wants. I am seriously thinking of going back to healthcare so I can have stability.

Work: Some cultures like intelligence – Most Asian people value value highly educated people. When I got really educated in my field and did things differently then people noticed and were looking. But it was a survival thing. Instead of going the traditional route of professional degrees/careers, I developed my own stuff and it finally showed. Now that I am happy that I am unique with decades of knowledge and skill, I finally understand what being unique means. Most Asians want their children to do healthcare. But I did not like it really. It was Asian of me to want and try to do it.

Work: Do what you like in Canada or get a stable pension – My mom says to do what I like each and everyday including my brother. My dad says it is too much work and he would rather me go back to healthcare or teaching to get a pension. It is a uphill battle for healthcare because I don’t care about health and teaching is to open minded but also contained. My mind currently is incapable of understanding higher education in teaching. Is this like all a journey or do we settle down for a pension now?

Culture: Other nationalities – Everyone is unique. I realized now it doesn’t depend on race really. Other nations think nationality means something when it doesn’t help with the actual production. Everyone does what they want. They got a chance to prove themselves. Why can’t I?