Updates (February 21, 2024)

Life: There is no right mix – Doing what I want and saying whatever I want has gotten me this far. I guess currently doing what you are doing will drive you. There is a lot of opinion outside and all of that doesn’t matter really. It is held objectively.

Programming: It is quiet independent work in the comfort of your own space – At the end of the day, it is what you want to do in comfort. No need for people to influence any of your decisions in work and study. Your interests are your interests.

Programming: Role models who are Vietnamese – I have two role models that I should live by. One from Can Tho, Vietnam and one from Barrie, Ontario, Canada. They just do what they want taking their time to do it well.

Culture: Other nationalities misunderstand my drive and plight – Other nationalities think what I am doing is too much. No, to get work done and get money in the future and to get a wife, I need to do what I feel I need to. You can do things differently. There are different results. There is a different plight.

Programming: Ben Cybulski – I am lucky to be able to have a friend like Ben. His ideas are amazing. His ideas takes up all my time, energy and focus. Thinking about his ideas uses up an entire month or more. I can not do anything else.

Life: Vietnamese way – I am sure there is the Vietnamese way and feeling. It is so comforting and familiar.

Health: Healthcare misunderstood when old – I don’t understand healthcare now. When I was younger, I thought getting a healthcare professional job was just to get status and get money and get a life. But as I am older now, what is my health? What will I do to maintain my health from now on in? Older now, what do I say to people how to maintain and proactively care for their health? I believe it is to excel at something you like. I did what I wanted in life and got all my health back. If I worked in healthcare what do I say to the sick and injured? What do I say to Asians?

Life: Broader mind – After you have done everything you wanted and reflected a lot, then you can actually work and take everything in objectively.

Work: It is all about working for Ben Cybulski – I can work for myself but for 1000s of years ain’t it working for altruistic, brilliant people like Ben Cybulski? What has been happening for the last millennia? Nothing new here right? I just accept that life is to work for nice people like Ben. Working with Ben transports your mind elsewhere where there is no walls or boundaries. What else are we going to do?