Updates (February 29, 2024)

Culture: There is culture and developing and evolving your culture – The outside real world interactions are pretty 1-dimensional and egotistical. I am pretty old now and the past stereotypes I grew up must be broken and changed. Good thing I found what I like and am doing it. Also I don’t have to involve many people that don’t help my plight first. I got to take care of myself first or there is nothing to offer. That is the only way to live. I just got to improve myself first.

Life: When I got the skills and accomplishments, things changed a bit – Things are a bit changing. I just need to focus on myself. I realize there are certain people that help me and work well together.

Life: It is all about reaching technical feats – You got to pursue technology and maths to grow strong minded and have control. It is the most beneficial thing to do. Maths and programming helps you think and process.

Life: Old age now – It is no longer about having money and enjoying your time with money or outside playing. The people outside are 90% young adults fighting for power and knowledge and control. As a old man now it is all about learning skills and working on your passions and crafts to one day have that power to do anything you please with the skills you earned and grew.

Life: Outside treatment is the same regardless of how much education and status – You still meet people that think they understand life. But those people working in the public are focused about voicing their opinion which is negative and egotistical on others. Regardless of how much school they have, they beat the drum that they think life is social: social status and egotistical. Luckily, I stopped having to deal with people and groups that are so social heavy and work with people like Ben Cybulski and Dmitry Nefedov and my brother William Nguyen who focus less on people and more about external things to avoid the trap of listening to negativity from others.

Life: Life is pretty crappy outside in public – Even after accomplishing my goals, I still get the same negative treatment more or less just at a different level. Therefore, I will give up trying to telling others what I am doing and my perspective and just work alone for myself and sometimes with my friends and family. For a person like me, I have to work external and alone to address my plight. Some groups of people are so egotistical and social heavy that that is their entire personality here in Canada. Well that does nothing for me and excludes me. I need my freedom too. Or do I? I have to turn the page and just work alone now for my sake in this world. I am kind of sure I have enough knowledge to continue learning and doing stuff for myself. Society never changes really. Luckily, I live in Canada and everyone can actually have a mind of their own without interfering with each other.

Culture: Can anyone really put social situations in a glass jar to analyze? – You are supposed to treat everyone equally but no one wants to be treated equally really … Can you really place people in boxes and talk about things subjectively and objectively. Is there an element of God and the power of the universe acting on everything? Anyways it is hard to just socialize when some people don’t see your perspective. When people can not see or understand your perspective then I guess there is no point even to socialize with them or give them anytime. They should be capable to understand different perspectives. The worst part of some groups of people is that they don’t understand self-actualization. In Canada, you should be able to self-actualize to your max and beyond. If there are people limiting you then walk away from them. If there are limits then there is nothing really. What do people look forward to then?

Life: There is no better way to live life than doing your unique crafts and passions – Also becoming skillful and having depth attracts a wife if she understands this pursuit. Females from the same culture who understand this, will build up more culture and cultural practices from your baseline understanding of your culture and experiences. It seems like Vietnamese-Canadians only understand this because we naturally feel different from our Canadian counterparts and different from our Vietnamese from Vietnam counterparts. At my age of 39 years old, I have to build up on my current understanding of my Vietnamese-Canadian culture.

Life: At my age it is about further growth socializing now – I am done acting like a young adult. Time is to grow fast and reap the rewards of being knowledgeable and skillful in the most positive growth pursuit.

Life: I should not talk to young/immature people no more really – There is only a few people I can talk to that think very external. You still learn from everyday socialization though. I guess you have to deal with everyone where ever you meet.