Basically Done the Last Course PART 2

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It is one day after the final test. Today is April 6, 2023.

I reflected on my life and what happened for the last 10 years.

I restarted my journey back into the tech space in 2012-2013.

I realized now it was just doing the following 4 things:

  1. Doing what I want
  2. Trying to be independent and happy alone doing what I want
  3. Helping people
  4. Make good supportive friends who support my endeavors and see my perspective and talk regularly for support and connection 🙂

I gave out free software (One, Two). I wrote a free book (few chapters) on CompTIA A+, and documented my journey in this blog and

I really think if I did not help other people I would be lost and sick. I truly believe that because of my helping I accomplished all my goals I wanted. I even received more good unexpected things than I asked for.

I believe in Buddha, Karma and the Universe. I gave out a lot but received so much more. I gave out without asking for anything. That is how you should give.

What else is there than this?

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