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Ok, I finally understand what is going on and with my life.

Today (April 5, 2023), I had the final test for this last course: WEBD 4201 – Web Development Enterprise.

It was hard.

It is almost the same as the final project. The test is harder.

I finished the final project so I was able to understand somewhat what was on the test.

But I could not focus so I just did the skeleton and pseudo code mostly. The test dealt with a website for banking transactions which I don’t really like. The final project dealt with login and registration portal for an imaginary school which I like LOL.

This is what I learned in life pursing a mental skill.

If you are pursing something like computer programming it should be something you really want and deeply fascinated in it. You should get lost in it for hours and hours and enjoy it being zoned out in it.

Previously in the past I learned things I wanted for fun and my curiosity without worrying too much on doing what I really wanted. Life and new experiences in the physical realm I explored thoroughly. I worked many jobs.

After doing all the jobs I wanted in the outside in the real world I turned inward and focused on my mental. I got tired of the outside world. My friend Ben Cybulski told me that is the final and right way: turn inward.

From there I could do programming more or less.

I understand now before friendships and partners like in grade 6 here in Canada, most children have a dream. I should have pursued programming (my dream) like I wanted without worrying about fitting in or having a girlfriend/wife first.

So now I am basically done.

I thank Buddha, my mom, family and friends for helping me. I finally understood you should just pursue your passion even it sounds weird being stuck in your room all day.

At least now you have your diploma and can tutor and help others for a living. You have tutoring as a meal ticket now. You can apply for a job at Code Ninjas or open your own tutoring center when you have enough money/open a franchise/own and just manage it. So follow your passion and get that paper. It is worth something.

I learned not to stress about time and money. It took me 39 years to earn my diploma which is just a 2-year one in computer programming.

I guess you live and learn LOL.

My mom told me in 2020 just follow your passion instead of jumping to this job and the next job trying to earn money and do not try to impress everyone how smart and versatile you are by doing so many things. She said just focus on one thing only.

I listened to my mom and I am done. Mom’s know everything.

All I have left to do is a Quiz and hand in my final project which I am already done.

There are people in this world saying how you can improve your life, fight depression, fight anxiety, fight suffering, fight despair, fight sickness, fight disease, make more money, work really hard to achieve success, work to the bone, make yourself the best, make yourself the best you can be to impress women. There are lots of self-help gurus saying many things. I listened to them all. But I realized the grade 6 dream of mine was what I really wanted. I wanted to just program.

I also learned to accept the good, the bad, the ugly parts of you. Just accept it and move forward. Stay on a baseline that is pleasant. Once you have been through enough conflict and hurt you learn everyone is more or less the same and we all need to be pleasant towards each other. You likely act bad or ugly when you feel hurt/challenged by someone. Just react and go back to baseline.

You have to remember everyone is different and unique and there is no hardline definition of you. People can make fun of you and criticize you but they just see less than 1%. What they say doesn’t define you. I learned this when I became older and very experienced by doing many things, many jobs. They have their definition of you but it is just their 0.01 second opinion of you. You know yourself more than they do. Getting older and getting more experiences help with making you more different, more complicated, have more angles, more resistant and more able.

It is not stupid. It is good and it is cool to do stuff like a mental thinking activity like programming. Some people and sometimes in the media say pursuing something like this is not cool and not with the crowd: it is not with it: it is not in. Well I think it is good now after doing it. Just do it. You have to pursue something like an activity like this I think to stay healthy and continue growing or you accept a life that may become stagnant. It depends how you look at it. Doing programming has helped keep me alert, healthy and positive and not worry about growing old and possibly getting ill.

It is simple like that. Stay good, polite and respectful around people. Don’t compete and mind your own business just doing your passion. When you get old enough and mature, you just mind your own business and focus on yourself for peace of mind.

Things to do to help you program:

  • Find something you are passionate in programming. Find your niche. Mine was making system utilities. I had this dream since I was in grade 6 here in Canada. Pursuing my niche helped push me. I had to satisfy my urge to do what I wanted.
  • If you have trouble trying to learn programming you may lack general basic knowledge. Go out into the world and explore to enable you to think like a programmer. Read and do lots of stuff that you think might help you do programming. You should have a feeling what to do. Explore other computing areas to help build more computer knowledge.
  • You might think programming is some kind of powerful special skill but it is not. At it’s core it is direct and simple bits. The ending pathway is 2 choices decided by ‘IF’ statements. IF or ELSE. It is a whole bunch of IF statements for Artificial Intelligence I was told.
  • You might find people full of themselves thinking it is super complicated and complex but don’t listen. It will cause you anxiety and stress!!! 70%-80% of college programming (2-year diploma) is from past experiences from assignments. The reality is that most answer sniplets are code readily found on StackOverflow/Google/Documentation/Open-source projects/Understanding other similar software. It is up to you to build the remaining 20%-30%. This remaining part requires you to have grit and determination to solve and build things on your own with tons and tons of researching. You should like this. It would be hard at first.
  • Find programmers and other computer professionals (IT Admins/Computer Techs) to collaborate on projects you want to build together. Each add something useful. This is the only fun and collaborative way to learn programming for me.
  • You might be so upset and stressed not being able to do well at school in post-secondary trying to obtain the paper and get a job after. It literally took me 25 years to earn my 2-year diploma. I had to learn and grow lots. You need the experience and lots of different types of people to help you grow. The right experiences and support from others will help you see what you have been missing. Sometimes the right words from someone will make you understand and uplift you to see and keep going.
  • In the school environment it can be competitive and uncomfortable. I am basically done my diploma now because I just concentrated on people who I vibe with naturally online and in-person. The people who are now working are the successful people who you should befriend usually. They are usually super nice as they have achieved employment in an institution. In life, people might change but I have this feeling I should just work with people who I vibe with naturally. Everyone including myself can be a bit bad, ugly and good. Treat everyone equally and avoid conflict. But even after all these years I have trouble working and trying to be friends with people who I naturally don’t vibe with past or present. Right now currently, I have good friends who I vibe with and things are OK. Just treat everyone with respect and don’t talk about differences or behave off-center. Behave universal. Be a independent entity doing your own things is what is best. Don’t get too involved or controlled by others. You must learn to be independent.
  • Develop software and give it away free if you can. I helped over 800,000+ people with my software. I gave away this from my heart. I did not expect anything in return. But in return I got the skills and confidence to finish my diploma, program and now tutor. I have a life now. Believe in the Universe and Karma.

I learned a special quote while scrolling through Instagram. The quote said do what it takes to impress yourself. Impress the 8-year old you and impress the 80-year old you in your lifetime. When I got old, I realized I was not helping myself. I wasn’t reaching my full potential. Deep down inside me I wasn’t feeling good. Doing multiple things and exploring the world unleashed my true self. I felt every fiber of my body stand and grow. You grow into a more knowledgeable and skillful person with niceness as you get older.

At the end of the day you realize, life is just about your passion. It is not about family, it is not about friends, it is not about money, it is not about your partner. But I realized life was about your passion later. So go through your emotions and probably you will see this latter. You should be able to tutor your passion at least maybe so don’t worry so much about work and money.

Some people think everyone is on the same wavelength and judge people generally. When you get old and mature, everyone is different with different passions. In public spaces treat everyone equally but everyone is different and should do what they truly desire like their own niche. Keep that in mind.

If you don’t take care of yourself first then you feel empty. I learned not to rely on anyone really. When you follow your passion then you don’t really need that much help because you are driven to do it.

Don’t become an adult and think of adult things only. I learned when I got older as you need to keep yourself happy and active by doing what your grade 6 self wanted to do now mostly. This happens when you get into your mid-30s. People who think you should act mature and old like your real age are wrong as they have not worked enough to see acting really old is abysmal. It is a mix of great wide range maturity and your younger self.

When I got old, I am alone most of the time focusing on learning and increasing my skills. This is all you have left to do once you hit my age. It is the healthiest activity doing this.

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