Almost Done the Last Course

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For the past few years, I have been learning programming at Durham College.

Ever since the pandemic in March 2020, I was fortunate to stay home doing school.

I am almost done with the last course now and realized the following.

I was hesitant to learn web development all my life. It was too complicated for me.

When the “Web” got all to dynamic I was lost. I grew up during the time when websites were mainly static. I created sites that were hosted on Yahoo GeoCities.

I was stuck like this for many years. It feels like an eternity at this limbo state of mine. Limbo for like 20 years.

I could never think beyond the “static walls”.

But … it took a lot of experience and time and growth to overcome this.

Doing this last course “WEBD 4201 – Web Development Enterprise” taught me to think in growing modules (blocks) over a long period of time for web development by my just doing one course this final year. I could finally absorb the material and learn, grow and enjoy.

My past experiences helped a lot too. I finished the other final courses last year and developed stuff with my friends.

Web development is the last stand to incorporating everything you have learned. I am lucky to have the time to do it.

Basically, I am done now. Today is March 20, 2023 and I am 75% through the course.

I learned this: You have to keep growing and learning and not stay stagnant and find people who support you and understand you 100%.

Maybe someone who looks like you and is from the same background and culture can aid in your life.

I found people who supported all facets of my life rather than take me for granted looking at me stereotypically in the bad light.

Put yourself out there in the world. Find people. If you can not find people, put yourself online first and then meet them in-person so they can understand you 100%.

I found people who supports me now in life. As a old man, it took an eternity to find the right people who understood me and affirmed my feelings.

I thought I would never change my mindset and think and accept the stereotypical image people painted me as. Finding people who are similar to me erased all that bad stereotypical thinking I have and now I have the mindset I need now to live properly and healthy now.

I thought I knew it all and accepted my fate. But no. There was much more and a totally different viewpoint and landscape I was missing.

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