Doing the Last Course

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I am reminded kind of again that I am meeting the last semester people but in-person this time.

Everyone is doing their thing. Everyone is different and no longer just trying to pass. People have their reasons, dreams and wishes they are pursuing. The goal isn’t just finding work after now. There is a personal drive and things they want to accomplish.

At this point it is hard to find collaborators when I am 38 years old and finally accepted what I want to do now after.

I dropped this course last year and am just going to try to pass and not work that hard to get a really good mark. Trying to get a good mark is kind of too stressful for me. I will try somewhat but I won’t promise a good mark. Whatever happens, happens.

It is different for me compared to these young students who are so competitive and task oriented.

I just want to live in my head ignoring people as I am old now.

I guess we will see how things go.

I hope things turn out OK.

But as I already know from my age and experience, whatever and anything can happen.

Things are random at my age and I need to get in my zone by myself or with my friends to be content and calm and well.

Also it gets to a point the more you work outside and with people the less time you have for yourself to enjoy. That is really odd to have this stage in life. I did not expect this at all.

I also learned that if you do what you want in life, you can grow.

What I thought before was that work and life was competition that was taught in the education system. But constantly competing won’t grow other mature needed parts. If you constantly compete then all you do is one thing which is compete for resources and amount of knowledge.

Stay in your lane and do something different and unique that reflects you so you become independent minded and calm.

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