Finally Done Last Thing

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I submitted the last thing to do last night for school.

This is how I feel after a nights’ rest.

I realized learning programming helped me with 2 things:

  1. Grow and mature
  2. Escape reality

At my age of 39 years old (April 2023), I don’t care of the superficial nature of whole society no more because it is hurtful and just bad. I can’t care at my age as I am past the halfway mark at 39.

I had a classmate last year who told me at his age of 27 (28 now) that I should think mature only: Life is about learning and growing intellectually.

He was right.

But me being in class in-person for the last 4 months wasn’t really good as an old fart knowing what I know about “people” for the last 39 years. The classroom is like high school again where there is supposedly the hierarchy which is garbage and immature. I just learned to avoid better and become more mature and do my own thing after. The takeaway is to focus on myself entirely and be more mature. No one is getting younger.

I like what I like and think the way I do to help me live a stable good life in this world.

Programming was my goal to have. It was a child goal of mine and also a mature goal. It cured most of my emotional impulsive behavior by helping me think logically and structured.

It also helped me think abstractly to not think about people: escape reality, negative parts of reality. At my age and as a person born in Canada, I don’t care or can’t care of opinions of others that don’t fall in line with what I grew up really.

Thinking like myself and for myself and thinking more or less like a Canadian, I continually focus on things like I do now: I develop software solutions to help fix, repair, and customize Microsoft Windows and Games. That is very Canadian (Western) topic to do. It is very universal and unbiased.

What else am I supposed to think about that is healthy, forward and abstract?

Computer programming is like the final thing for me to think about all day to be mature and escape reality. It is growth and very gratifying on all levels without being bias, not prejudice, not skewed and not cultured if working on repair and customization software. Very good to stay in this lifestyle and train of thought.

People watch fictional movies and read fiction to escape. Computer software in repair and customization is like my way to escape.

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